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3/1/2013 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom's friends say she's hit rock bottom again, because she's exhibiting the exact same bizarre, dangerous conduct that was caught on tape and just obtained by TMZ.

We broke the story ... Octo is getting high again after obtaining a medical marijuana card. Her friends say she's playing with fire because she's had drug addiction problems that could endanger her 14 kids.

Octomom's friends say she's acting like she did last year, when she was videotaped inside a hotel room with her former manager. She's off the rails, wearing a onesie as she cackles hysterically, cradling a drink. We're told the video was shot in the throes of her substance abuse problems ... before she went to rehab.

Some of her friends tell TMZ ... she's acting like this again, and they fear she's incapable of caring for her brood.


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Do people live on weed in California??? It would explain their their justice system. Confused.

569 days ago


Just take those kids away from that psycho already! She's never been able to care for them and never will be able to, they are much better off with someone that can care for them even if that means splitting them up.

569 days ago


This does not disturb me in the least, get a grip, lady!

569 days ago

Miss Lily Skye    

While i think Octo has some major issues, and I've said some not so nice things about her in the past, I see nothing wrong with this video. She's not watching her kids at the time, and EVERYBODY, parent or not, needs to let off steam. I get into giggle fits sometimes too. my laugh doesn't sound like as crazed as hers, but i still go off. As for her drinking, once again, her kids aren't there, so SO WHAT?? as a mom of 3 who hasn't had a day without her kids in over a year, I can say without a doubt I believe EVERYBODY needs a break now and then. They NEED me time. Even just to take a relaxing bath without 2 kids trying to get in with me would be nice, or to sleep more than 2 hours a night. Being a parent is enough to test even the most patient of us. LOTS of moms actually use zanax to help them get through the day, they just don't have cameras in their face letting the world know. I think pot is a better choice than zanax. Now, if she's like this ALL the time, even when her kids are around, then yes, there is reason to be concerned. You can NOT watch kids while you are messed up. Kids are like ping pong balls, bouncing from one mess to the next, constantly finding new ways to try to hurt themselves. You have to have a sober mind to keep them safe. I hope she isn't doing this around her kids, but until I see PROOF she is doing this with her kids there, I'm going to save my judgement for myself. I have too many problems of my own to worry about somebody elses.

569 days ago


I don't see not kids around! And who's the white bitch with the big tits? She's fine!

569 days ago


Her smoking weed is the LEAST of her issues. I watched an interview with her a couple of years ago and she was nuts there. She admits to feeling out of control of her children, she can't even keep up with them! She has been incredibly unstable before marijuana. I can't believe she is being allowed to mooch off of taxpayers!

569 days ago


Large families were common back in the old days. The difference is back then, if you had that many kids you had to grow your own food, and work a farm to support them. If she's going back to the old ways of having that many kids maybe it's time to send her ass out to an old farmhouse where she and those kids will have to work to get by.

569 days ago

Moonshine Causes Hallucinatios    

The reason Bizzaro-Mom is exhibiting bizarre, dangerous conduct is because it gets her publicity and maybe a few bucks on TMZ. . The attention is what Bizzaro Mom (who is a total waste of human flesh) is addicted to.
Harvey, if you would stop giving her the attention. she might decide that being a good mom is her best option for success at something in Life.

569 days ago


Ummm.... Yeah !

569 days ago


I wouldn't worry about Nadya being drunk and silly in a hotel room while the children are at home with babysitters. But if what her friends say is true, that she gets wasted like this when she IS home alone with the kids, it's a serious problem.
P.S. This is trivial, but I can't help wondering: Where did she find footie pajamas in an adult size, and why does somebody her age think it's cute to wear onesies? Good grief, was that a Hello Kitty logo on the bodice? Her father must be right when he said she's only 13 years old in her mind.

569 days ago


She's having a drink and being silly. So what? Her kids are not there. Prob being taken care of for the night by their grandparents. Not a big deal at all. She's done a lot of things that I don't particularly like. This isn't one of them. She needs to choose better friends though. Who sold the video???

569 days ago



569 days ago


Of course you have to play the weed card...its not the weed *******s. She has 14 kids, how bout we start there. She is obviously a mental case and weed can do nothing for her, nor does it cause this dirty skank to act like an idiot.

569 days ago


Stupid skank.

569 days ago


She is just looking for attention.....

569 days ago
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