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Adrienne Maloof

Take Your Reunion Show

And Shove it!!!

3/1/2013 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adrienne Maloof
has shut down Bravo's plea to appear on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion show ... and TMZ has learned it all has to do with a secret document she signed with estranged hubby Paul Nassif.

Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ ... Adrienne and Paul signed a restraining order as part of their divorce, prohibiting them from talking about each other, their kids or the divorce.

We're told Adrienne has been advised she should not go on the show because it's a certainty the other women will attack her over the divorce and Adrienne can't legally defend herself.

Sources say it got "ugly" between Bravo and Adrienne, because the network felt she had an obligation to appear.

One final semi-related point ... Brandi Glanville has been saying Adrienne filed a lawsuit against her, but we found out that's not the case.  It seems Brandi is friends with a lawyer who has done business with Adrienne and Adrienne believes the lawyer has been "spilling secrets" about her to Brandi. Sources say Adrienne's lawyer sent Brandi's lawyer friend a letter telling her she had better shut up ... or else.

We're told ... Adrienne's not coming back to the show for next season.


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It is a "reality show" they all lie! But I have to say Brandi is the most low class person ever. All she does is cry victim and tells everyone to go f themselves.. can yo u imagine what she says in private? poor kids..

600 days ago


I always knew Brandi was a liar and was lying about the lawsuit why did none of the housewives not know or did not speak to Adrien about this issue. Silly girls. Brandi was looking for sympathy, friendship and more time on the show, She wants to be the number one and highest paid housewife. I can not stand Brandi. It was all about her. I saw the look on her face when they all went to her stripper show, at dinner when the subject changed from her to someone else. She had a look of upset, disgust and boredom on that mug of a face of hers. Go away get off the show and Shame on you Brandi. Brandi has fooled them all epically her so called best friend/.

600 days ago


Adrienne Maloof has LIED and been caught and exposed as a liar sooo many times in the past year it's beyond ridiculous.

She is lying again now.

I can't imagine how stupid this woman truly is in that she believes SHE can continue to lie to the public, to the press, and to the viewers AND she believes we do not see through her transparent LIES.

Maloof does not want to sit on live tv and have to admit she lied.

End Of Story.

600 days ago

Ben W.    

I'm a lawyer. Maloof's story is a false pretext. She can appear: all she has to say is "because of a confidentiality agreement I;m sorry but I can;t discuss anything relating to my divorce." Happens every day, in all sorts of contexts.

Her story for not appearing is therefore completely false.

600 days ago


No loss plastic entitled and Whiney person

600 days ago


Seh falsely acused Paul of being awifebeater.
she cant face the musci shes chicken.
She doesnt care if she screws over Bravo
or any one else.
shes just a nobody with no morals whos haveing sex with a young man.( and Pying him)
shes also dumber than a box of rocks.

600 days ago


No great loss. She was lying and manipulative, not that is unusual on such shows. What did she expect? Of course all your dirty laundry comes out on such shows. If she has so much money anyway, why bother in the first place?

600 days ago


She has more money than any of them and I don't think she is a liar or manipulative.... That may be her problem to some degree .....I think it may be a prerequisite to surviving these shows. Her bags and shoes are great she is very talented as well. She is better off.

598 days ago



597 days ago


Glad Adrienne's gone. She's a horrible person and the show will be better without her.

596 days ago


Adrienne wanted all of the good that comes with being on the show with none of the drawbacks. She was on to make money promoting her businesses. Sure they all do it, but it became apparent this season that it was all she cared about-more than her friends or husband. Brandi never said she filed a lawsuit. She said Adrienne's lawyer sent a letter saying it could happen if she keeps talking. Adrienne could well have declined to talk about her divorce and told Andy to keep certain topics off because of her legal obligations. She didn't show up because she cannot defend her actions and she saw no opportunity to promote her businesses. Not to worry-her friends will surely defend her and repeatedly say how wrong it is to talk about her when she isn't there.

577 days ago


She took the wrong way out. I would have confronted those lying hags Brandi, Yolonda and Lisa. Brandi is just white trash and the other two think or act as if the are mightier than God. I would say good bye to them all.

576 days ago


Adrienne did not attend because she is a coward. As far as the lawsuit situation, Brandi said repeatedly there was a letter sent to her attorney with the threat of a lawsuit if she did not either attend a meeting or spoke badly of Adrienne and Paul again.

576 days ago


Just sayin, Adrienne Maloof has absolutely no class, none at all. She does not even like Paul she barely tolerated him and if she goes back and looks at previous episodes she will see it, it shows on her face. Camille has no backbone whatsoever, she will run wherever she thinks things are going to be best, she thinks things are going to be better sided with Adrienne. Faye, talks about Brandy having no class how would she know. Someone could give her a gps to class and she could not find it, Kyle is two face and has no back bone either. Kim is a whiner, and as a drug and alchol counsellor, alchol was not her only problem last year, it may not have been what Brandy said, but it was not just booze, and until she comes clean with herself. She will never have peace and that is why she cries all the time she is still lying. Mauricio, is too involved, it is Real Housewives, not Real Housewives and Husbands, he has too much to say. Brandy needs to learn to speak for herself stop letting them freak her out, she is right but she lets them out talk her, I love Yo Yo, and I love Lisa, Taylor is a flake not to sure of her yet, she is just trying to recover.

575 days ago


I love Kyle and Kim and Adrianne and Camille and Taylor. Brandi has ruined the show. How did she get on! She's nasty and has no prbl

572 days ago
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