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Honey Boo Boo

Girl Scouts Cookie Sale

Must Go On!

3/4/2013 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0304_honey_booboo_PCNHoney Boo Boo and Mama June kept their word -- after getting shut down online -- and took to the Milledgeville Mall in Georgia yesterday to help a local Girl Scouts troop sell some delicious, delicious cookies.

As TMZ first reported, the Girl Scouts of the USA had a big problem with HBB using her Facebook page to peddle the delicious, delicious cookies -- because it was cheating.

But the Boo Boo clan promised to keep on helping and they did just that, with the whole family in tow -- Sugar Bear, Chubbs, Pumpkin, Chickadee and baby Kaitlyn. 

Alana even made a deal with customers ... agreeing to pose for a pic if they bought five boxes of those delicious, delicious cookies.

Everybody wins.


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"Why dont they just buy the cookies themselves?"

Becuz this is a PR stunt, and they're milking it to the hilt for publicity. If they really want to help people, why don't they go to some Childrens Hospital and do something nice...and PRIVATE...for the sick kids.

597 days ago


Why is she putting in so much effort and she's not even the Girl Scout--it's her friend? When I was in Girl Scouts--apart from forcing your parents to sell at work--among the purposes of selling was learning about work and, supposedly, added to character-building.

597 days ago


Cookies in Central PA are $3.50 a box and our girls do go door to door to sell. I don't think HBB should be allowed at any booth sale unless she registers to be a Girl Scout. Same with her whole family. And I can tell you if you come to one of my troops booth sales you will not see me sitting down and doing all the work. I have always made my girls be the ones asking if someone would like to buy cookies. Yes, I help with the money bc either way we are responsible for the money that needs to be handed in. I don't know about other councils however we have never had a contest for which troop sold the most cookies.

597 days ago


"Reality" tv stars try to do as much as they possibly can to make publicity for themselves. Its not like they'e in the movie or tv biz and have big companies taking out ads and sending them on publicity tours. So they call paps to follow them, make scenes, dress ridiculously, whatever they have to do to stay in the public eye. REAL CHARITY is done privately. And it doesn't involve rigging contests that little girls work on. Yes, the parents help. So what...that is how it has always been done. Parents are supposed to help their kids with their projects. This hbb stunt is not parents helping their little girl scouts, this is a tacky PR stunt by the HBBs to give themselves more publicity and apparently fool their dumb "fans" into thinking they are just swell regular people, and different from other tv stars. They are probably breaking some little girls hearts with this f*ckery. If they wanted to help their friend and not be total a**holes to the other kids, they could have just bought some privately, instead of creating this ridiculous scene.

597 days ago



597 days ago


Hey, I just paid $4 per box for GS cookies!!! Are they priced differently in different states, or did those little girls in green rip me off???

597 days ago

BB not bb    

CUTE. And I am glad they are being good sports about it.

597 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

WHY ARE THEY F**KING FAMOUS???? Man f**k this I'm going to make a sex tape and get her pregnant marry her for 72 days get nothing out of it and have a fat child then maybe I would get a TV show and if all fails ill make 12 fat kids F It and if that fails I don't know I guess I'll go kill myself

597 days ago

Herb Fynn    

The Girl Scouts have a bug of their arse about on-line and cookie sales becuase it's not fair to all the troups if cookies are sold by troups outside the area of where the person buying lives.

Here's an idea - share the revenue.

597 days ago


They are still in violation of the program guidelines...does not matter where/how she sells the cookies. She is NOT a Girl Scout and therefore not able to legally sell them.

597 days ago

Spicy mag    

Okay, play times over, time to put that kid on a diet.

597 days ago


Honey Boo Boo and family need to go away. It's tacky of them to interfere and they are such trailer crash theycan't understand why it's wrong. If they really just wanted to help they could have donated money to the troop.

597 days ago


Nobody gives a **** about this derp ass family except for TMZ and other clueless bourgie douchebags insulated from reality.

597 days ago


WHY would anyone be mad that she is volunteering her time to help out a friend and her local troup at the same time? I think it is great that she is using her celebrity status to help others!

597 days ago


My daughter's 9th grade teacher is selling boxes of cookies to students in her classroom for her daughter. How is this any different? Think of all the parents who bring those forms to work and get their co-workers to buy cookies from their kid. Honey Boo Boo is out there doing her part to help out her friend and local troup.

597 days ago
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