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'Real Housewives of Bev Hills'

Move to BOYCOTT Show

3/4/2013 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Several lawyers and managers in Hollywood have banned together to tell clients who could become cast members of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" to stay clear of the show ... TMZ has learned.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the triggers for the boycott are Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof. As we first reported, both of them will NOT be returning to the show.

Here's the gripe -- the way the show is structured, cast members can say ANYTHING about anyone on the show and get away with it, even if it's inaccurate and malicious. Camille and Adrienne have -- in the past -- complained that other cast members have lied about their business ventures, including Adrienne's Las Vegas casino, and they've had no legal recourse.

As one professional put it, "It's fine if Brandi Glanville does the show. She doesn't have anything going for her and the show makes her famous. But for someone who has a real business or career outside the show, they need to stay a mile away."

That may be a reason why we're told LeAnn Rimes will NEVER do the show.


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That is a LOT of makeup.

Adrienne and Camille are just mad because they haven't been too popular lately while Brandi is like a Greek chorus saying what people watching are thinking.

564 days ago


Gimme a break! The Maloof "Hoof" was BORN into her $$$, she won the genetic lottery. Oh, and you can Google the fact that the family LOST all but 2% of The Palms when they (badly) leveraged everything they had to build the tower addition to the Vegas casino. What Brandi said is ACCURATE. And, Camille? She's a wh0re who got her "John" to marry her and she popped out a couple kids. What did she ever do on her own...besides a sift core porn and wiggle & jiggle on Club MTV. Get off yer high horse, bit*ches!!!

564 days ago


I say we move to boycott anything to do with Adrienne. Including her HOOF. And as far as the professional who said Brandi doesn't have anything, thats real professional. Brandi is making herself a success from the show. Adrienne was born with the silver spoon up her a$$. Leann is her own reality show in her head.

564 days ago


Lmao, this has spiteful Adrienne written all over it: She got fired and so now the show must end. Adrienne was so desperate to stay on the show that she even hooked up with a greasy man-boy to give herself a story line for the next season. How is she going to sell those hooves and handbags now? She might as well abandon those projects because no-one's going to be buying 'Adrienne Maloof' any things.

564 days ago


TMZ is the new National Enquirer. Inside sources say . . .

564 days ago


LeAnn can still do the show if the criteria to participate is not having a REAL career or business. Both LeAnn and Brandi need to go away already!

564 days ago


Watched it a few times only because I think Brandi's one hot b!tch. Too stressful to watch these women fight and bicker and stab each other in the back. (They're ALL a hot mess) but when that fugly self righteous hag Yolanda came on, I stopped watching.

564 days ago


Oh please, these two are just pissed everyone sees through them to their true character (or lack thereof). But by all means they should continue to dig themselves a bigger hole! And that quote about Brandi having nothing going for her obviously came straight from the HORSEFACE'S mouth (see what I did there?!?!)

564 days ago


I could absolutely understand where these agents are coming from.I think the show has strayed far past what the original concept was.I believe originally,it was sort of like a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous type concept.,which is 100% of the reason why I tuned in.When I began watching the show,never in a million yrs,did I imagine it would be anything but a guilty pleasure to watch.Now,the show has become a circus and these women's lives are up for grabs for the whole country to weigh in on week after week.I dont blame Adrienne or Camille one bit for not wanting to come back.Adrienne,despite her family's wealth,which of course gave her a head start is not just a lady who lunches,she works quite hard.I love all of her designer collections and have a great deal of respect for her as a businesswoman.The woman works her tail off and also helps support countless charities.As for Camille,someone here posted how she's living off her exes money.In reality,she is the one who created the majority of his fortune,investing in real estate.She was never a lady who just lunches either.I believe you have to have an incredibly thick backbone to deal with the enormous amount of critisism that comes with the territory of being on this show.There's not a doubt in my mind,that none of these women knew what they were truly getting into.I've had stars in my eyes most of my life,love California,especially Beverly Hills and could only dream of having the lifestyle these women have but if it means having everything about me disscted by people that dont even know me and bitchy backbiting on national tv,I supppose I should thank my lucky stars for what I have.I also find it quite sad that there are some women on this show who shouldn't be there,with serious problems and I dont agree with bringing people on to stir up drama and problems in other people's lives.It's just plain wrong.If they want to portray a show about Real Beverly Hills Housewives,they should be looking for women like Kyle Richards,she is the epitome in my mind of what a real housewife from there is like,but sadly I think it;'s too late.This show has become pure trash and has attracted some of the meanest fans in America.It's really no better than teenage moms for that matter,so I tip my hat to Adrienne and Camille,they are way too good for this show and I applaud their decision to leave,it's totally not worth the price they're paying.

564 days ago


Ugh what do men see in these surgery nightmares? I know women who are much better looking with zero surgery, who are athletic, compassionate, not dramatic yet these wealthy guys wife up these broads? Has the world gone mad? Lol

564 days ago

judy jetson    

Who watches this garbiotch!?!?

564 days ago


Their faces look distorted and mangled. If they are rich, able to afford the best plastic surgeons, I feel sorry for the average face lift. Holy Cow! Do they realize they look like monsters?

564 days ago


2 of the worst nose jobs in all of Hollywood!

564 days ago


Brown eyes and bleached blond hair is just such an ugly combo. Sorry

564 days ago


Sorry Adrienne LIED about Lisa selling stories to the press. Her chef puts out malicious lies.
Adrienne lies left and right and so does Camille.

Goodbye Adrienne, don't let the door kick you on the door out.

HARVEY, HOW MUCH ARE THE MALOOFS PAYING YOU???? They have lost most of their money and Brandi didn't lie they only own 2% of the Palms.

564 days ago
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