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The Wachowskis

Sued for $300 MIL --

You STOLE Matrix 2 & 3

3/4/2013 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0301-matrix-lana-andy-wachowski-gettyHere's a shocker ... someone other than Lana and Andy Wachowski wants credit for the awful sequels to "The Matrix" -- and now, the man is suing the filmmakers for $300 MILLION, claiming they jacked his ideas.

Thomas Althouse filed the lawsuit against the sibling producers, claiming they lifted ideas for "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions" from his script "The Immortals."

Althouse says he submitted "The Immortals" to Warner Bros. back in 1993, but never heard back.

In the suit, Althouse says he finally came across the 'Matrix' movies in 2010 and immediately recognized similarities to his own work -- including plugs in the back of characters' necks, robot-like "agents" dressed in suits, and characters trapped in a train station.

Althouse is suing the Wachowskis, Warner Bros., and producer Joel Silver for copyright infringement. By the way, the $300 million he's demanding is a tiny fraction of the Matrix franchise which is valued at about $2 BILLION!!

Calls to the Wachowskis and WB haven't been returned. Joel Silver had no comment.


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Aren't all those things from the first Matrix movie? Plugs in the head and agents are in all three, but the most famous train station scene was at the end of the original. I guess there was that scene with the Indian family in a sequel.

566 days ago


Isn't it really hard to prove these sorts of things? Ideas get lifted in Hollywood all the time, even unintentionally, which is why unsolicited screenplays are frowned upon, I thought.

566 days ago


they stole the first one from grant morrison´s "the invisibles"
it is not rare they stole the other two

566 days ago

Spicy mag    

The second movie is great. The problem with the third movie is they don't follow up much on the setup from the architect in the second movie. Plus who wants to see a main hero die, or get blinded, or just let the machines to on enslaving humans. Th end of the matrix trilogy should've been the humans ****ing up the machines.

566 days ago

Spicy mag    

Also, none of those ideas this guy claims were his are very original. You can see the same **** in issues of heavy metal from e 80s.

566 days ago


The head plugs and agents in suits were in part one as well. Why isn't he suing for that film, too?

566 days ago


The Wachowskis have already paid out substantial sums to the woman they stole the idea from. Her name is Sophia Stewart and she filed her suit in 1999. They already admitted they stole the idea and have paid the injured party. Case closed.

566 days ago


Its hilarious how miserable Andy looks in all these interviews.

566 days ago


$300 million is not a "tiny fraction" of anything. I don't care how much money you have.

566 days ago


If $2 billion is the actual total franchise worth, then $300 million would be 15%, which is not a tiny fraction if you ask me....

566 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i don't think it was really the idea that was worth that much. it was the work, the artists and production put into the idea that made it what it is. i am almost a thousand and a half percent sure that there's like half a million people out there with a similar idea. $300 mil is really pushin it.

566 days ago


Not even that schnaggly ho's hair is original. Everybody copies from someone else.

566 days ago


This probably won't end well for him; the ideas cited here aren't claim to prior originality, and his claim is actually a little less strong than Grant Morrison's (though Morrison never sued).

566 days ago


The only lawsuit thus far with legs, is that of Sophia Stewart, who her internet followers affectionately refer to as the "Mother of the Matrix". With exhibit evidence supported by an FBI investigation, her suit began around 1999-2000. It indicates that the Wachowski's requested and received a copy of her book, "The Third Eye" ,when they were apparently brokering science fiction concepts for the Church of Scientologist founder, L. Ron Hubbard. They stole her material and have yet to respond to subpoenas. This new lawsuit may be real or it may be camouflage, since the favorable ruling that Stewart has recently received in Federal Court against her own lawyers. The Wachowskis seem to admit to torpedoing her prior lawsuit while allegedly secretly working for her adversaries. So this is a very suspicious lawsuit to emerge coincidentally at this time.

566 days ago

The Matrix was stolen from the anime Ghost in the Shell

566 days ago
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