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Justin Bieber

BOOED At Concert

The Tide is Turning

3/5/2013 6:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber's fans have drawn the line -- it's ok to walk the cold streets of London shirtless, it's ok to smoke dope, but show up 2 hours late for a concert and they'll turn on him like wild animals.

Justin's concert in London Monday was slated to start at 8:30 PM ... but he didn't take the stage until 10:30 PM -- and a very young and pissed off crowd roundly booed his skinny ass.

Particularly irritating ... most of his fans have a curfew, which put them in a bad position.

Bieber tried to defend his lateness by tweeting he was actually only 40 minutes late because the opening acts were always scheduled to last more than an hour.

Bieber admitted there was no excuse for being late, but then blamed the media for spreading the word of his tardiness.

Better watch out Biebs -- fame is a fleeting thing.


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what a spoiled selfish brat!

535 days ago


Hey Justin, I know you are not very intelligent or educated, but guess what, everyone other than you teeny-bopper audience wants to see you fall hard. Stop acting like you're black from the ghetto. You think you have it made for life? Thousands of your fans are mad, and they talk to all the rest of your fans on the net. If you think you have it made for life, guess what, you don't. Millions of dollars can disappear very quickly once the money stops.

535 days ago


I hope this kid isn't going the same way as other child stars. He seems to be changing in a bad way fast. Another case of too much too soon.

535 days ago


Venue has a noise curfew of 11.00 pm so start his show at 10.30 was pretty dumb. Every minute past 11.00pm costs $15,000 in fines. Everyone who plays there is made aware of this -guess Justin has money to throw away

535 days ago


Go Brits.......The sorry, scrawny, feminine POS should have been run off stage.

535 days ago


he is training hard to be a lohan.

535 days ago

Ratings Needed    

You're screwing up too much Bieber fame comes fast & flees just as fast. Your fans are your meal ticket that buys you cars, homes, etc. Piss them off & you're done. Then you can hang w/your 'bros' & act & look stupid like they do. When your $$$ is gone so will your bros be gone. They're not hangin' with you cuz your cool it's because you have $$$. Get smart kid!

535 days ago


i have been to alot of concerts and most of the time the opening band is on quite a while before the featured band comes on. they are always late, once the featured band came on, tried to play a song, said they had tech problems and left. tmz has it out for justin, because of the man that got hit by a car, trying to get shot of justin (who wasnt in the car). justin had nothing to do with the accident, wasnt even around the area, but tmz still holds anger towards justin. he has alot of haters, people who wish bad things for him and say really sick things. he is very young and he does do alot of charity work and gives money to charity.

535 days ago


He was with his boyfriend.

535 days ago


He's losing popularity. He's too ****y now. And he's surrounded by negative people who only want to use him. I foresee him being broke in the not too distant future.

535 days ago


Somebody needs to remind Bieber that he is Teenybop not Gangsta!

535 days ago


YES! About time! The little rat has enough money....Next

535 days ago


Ha Ha Ha..they booed his lil boney Asss.LMAO.

535 days ago


who would wait 2 hours to see justin bieber, i mean REALLY!

535 days ago


I think this is a great opportunity for Justin to understand the concept of not biting the hand that feeds him.

535 days ago
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