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Alyson Hannigan's Stalker

Please Restrain Me!

3/6/2013 12:30 AM PST UPDATED: 3/6/2013 10:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alyson Hannigan
's alleged stalker -- whom she claims is an unstable mental patient out for blood -- thinks she has a point ... he poses a serious danger to her.

TMZ broke the story ... the "How I Met Your Mother" actress obtained a temporary restraining order in February against John Hobbs ... who was allegedly sending her harassing messages online, and threatening to kill her.

What's worse ... she claims Hobbs was recently discharged from a mental hospital and is mentally unstable.

Hannigan was probably more persuasive than she thought ... because Hobbs isn't fighting her ... he's agreed to stay at least 100 yards from her and her family for the next 3 years.

The judge will make it official today. But the real question ... will Hobbs do what he promises?

Being a celeb can be scary.

10:00 AM PT -- The judge has just granted the restraining order, requiring Hobbs to stay 100 yards away from Hannigan for three years.


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599 days ago


What would TMZ do if psychos killed off all the C grade celebrities???

599 days ago


Screw Celebs they get paid millions to pretend to be a characters for a living with very little qualifications what so ever.. And they want sympathy from the pirate bay, paps and the public.. bit#ch please while everyone else eats crap across the country for years now they live it up and pretend to help god damn Africans and Hugo Chavez every year.

They even purchase babies to try and secure sympathy from the poor like that is going to make us feel sorry for them. What a load of crap..

You have people working 3 jobs to provide for their kids while these drugo cons earn more than large business owners.

They should be forced to give up money to the public that supports them.. They highlight the troops as Baby killers, they made it clear you are a nation of American Idiots, they claim that you deserved 9/11 and were bowling (or asking for columbine and events like the Oklahoma city bombing) they wank all over themselves for a living.

Celebs are grubs plain and simple.

599 days ago


Throw him down and make him your bitch.

599 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Is there really any serious question as to how this is going to end? She needs to update her will and pick out a nice tombstone ha ha.....

599 days ago


No TMZ, being STALKED can be scary. This isn't just a problem for celebrity's. It happens every day to normal people, male and female. At least celebrity's typically have a bodyguard or paps around so it's harder for stalkers to find them alone.

599 days ago


the cash the checks they know the risks, let the guy bang you for a few days and he will go away.

599 days ago

BB not bb    

If you are released from a mental hospital, that means you have their blessings to leave. You have been tried and tested and approved. Does she want all mental patientes cordoned off from teh rest of society? What did he ever do but foloow her, just like everyone on this gossip site.

When you are famous it is becasue you allegedly like attention. Then the stars whine and complain that fans are following them and paps are taking their pictures? What did they expect would happen?

Is it okay when it suits them and then suddenly a major crime when it doesn't? Maybe if these stars would just get off their high horse and stop and chat with a few people who seem obsessed, the fans will have gotten their thrill and move on.

599 days ago


She's NOT even pretty.

599 days ago


So, the guy didn't fly in from out of state, where he lives, to contest it. It doesn't mean he's saying he's a threat. He just either can't afford an airline ticket or he wants to show he's not a threat by not coming to the state where she lives to contest it. Cases like these show that people have to be careful what they say to people over the Internet. It can be taken very seriously and get you in serious trouble, even if it's done by Facebook or Twitter instead of direct e-mail. Also, get a hobby if you find yourself obsessed with people you don't even know. This guy had friends and family of his own. He should have turned to them for help.

599 days ago


I would not take his word for it. If he's been institutionalized, he probably isn't capable of decision making.

599 days ago


She has a cute mouth.

599 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

He must be sick if he's stalking that skank.

599 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Ummm most people who claim to be stalked really aren't all that, and inflame it.

However, there really are real dangers. That girl looks a little Rebbeca Shaeffer like.

Are there actual actions that substantiate real danger? If so there is no reason to debate about it.

Stalkers and tormenters get off on the fear of those they torment and victimize.

Some people use claims of staking as publicity stunts and games for otherwise dwindling careers.

So how do we know what's what?

599 days ago

judy jetson    

The mental healthcare system in this country sucks. The doctors constantly release patients that are unstable not because they want to but because of the law they have too. Obama needs to stop worrying about guns and do something to fix the mental healthcare system.

599 days ago
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