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Michael Vick's New Pooch

The Most Dangerous Breed

For a Dog Killer

3/6/2013 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0309_Michael-Vick_gettyMichael Vick's new dog is the WORST possible breed for a convicted dog killer ... and that's from the official organization that breeds the dog.

The American Belgian Malinois Club and Rescue tells TMZ, the group is very concerned that Vick is allowed to own ANY dog, but the Belgian Malinois is especially problematic.  The breed is highly trainable and they could easily become dangerous if they land in the wrong hands.

Vick, as you know, ended up training pit bulls to fight and kill.

Belgian Malinois -- which are frequently used by the military and police -- have the same fighting potential as pit bulls. 

Although the organization thinks dogs should be off-limits in the Vick household, they believe a more docile pooch -- like a lab -- would be way more appropriate.

But what's done is done ... and the ABMC wants to help Vick properly train the dog. The rep says the org. is willing to help Vick find a good trainer for the dog and educate him on Belgian Malinois so he can "learn and love the breed."

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Theresa Q    

I don't even like the guy (he screwed my team, the Falcons) but, enough is enough. As distasteful as it is, **** fighting, dog fighting, etc. have a long, long history in America and is still a firmly entrenched part of everyday life in many rural southern areas. Vick did this mostly for his friends - he funded it for his old childhood friends who had grown up around it all their lives. Now that all this has come to light we have a great opportunity to use Vick (and he is more than willing) to help end these blood sports in America. He grew up in that lifestyle and he *can* help change this deeply ingrained culture and potentially save thousands of dogs. But, NO....the whiny hate filled ultra-judgmental losers of the world just want to keep on pounding him and squander all hope of saving other dogs in that predicament. So, bitch on people and keep pummeling the man (who served his time in FEDERAL PRISON) and let this golden chance to save other dogs just slip right on by.

595 days ago


It is obvious he's not ready for a dog yet. He knows he can't get another pit bull or similar type dog because people would really freak out. So he picks another type of "tough" dog. Had he picked a breed like a lab it would have been more convincing that he wanted the dog as a pet not for its look.

595 days ago


People can say he served his prison sentence and should be allowed to do what he pleases, but I do not think he should EVER be allowed to own a pet again.


That would be like allowing a pedophile to live in a house with children.. It is ABSURD.. He has no empathy or compassion for animals or he would have never done the things he has done.....The terms of his sentence should have mandated NO MORE PETS ever!!!

595 days ago


Animals can't speak for themselves. Unlike abused people, they can't go to another adult or a police office and complain about being abused. He should NEVER have been allowed to own another animal, period.

595 days ago


I love Michael Vick! **** all the hater's and over barring dog lovers! it's a shame the persecution of this one man in all the U.S. .! people are so judgemental and need to worry about all the BS theyhave done, that the good Lord needs to forgive them of! Michael was betrayed by people he thought was his friends. He was playing ball and left those low-life friends in his home and they ended up doing damage to those dogs, not Vick! Michael is the best quarter back in the league. **** the Manning brothers, and Tom Brady! thia brotha Vick is the one with the mostest! God bless Michael Vick and screw peta and animals rights bs'ers!

595 days ago

I lol'd     

I'm no apologist but if Vick were a white man this would have been forgotten about years ago. The fact that it hasn't is nothing more than thinly veiled racism.

595 days ago


Michael has a small dog and the kids and his family love it. The dog sleeps in a bed that cost more than your bed the girls Romeo and so does Mike. Coming form someone who is around them YOU A LIAR.

595 days ago


People are only sorry when they get caught.

595 days ago


Racist Hollywood types people who abort babies at the drop of the hat, sleep with anything walking, drug heads, rapist, bigots, killers of human. Asking about Vick having a dog he has had for a year.such a cute dog to. Not what these fools are talking about. People should be sued for false stories . None of it is true. I know

595 days ago


So now band together to give him free dog training sessions too! Does this offer go out to everyone that owns one of these dogs or just the people that kill dogs? Sickening!

595 days ago


Dude, leave that man alone. Geez !!!

595 days ago


He certainly deserves a second chance, just like everyone else that has done their time. He has paid his debt to society. He still works with children to teach them the wrongs of dog fighting.
Give the man a break. He was not the only one doing this, but for some reason, he is STILL being punished.

595 days ago


For everyone who says it's just a dog, remember these beautiful creatures that you dismiss helped find survivors of diasters, helped in the search at ground zero, have stopped millions of dollars of illegal contraband from entering the U.S., have helped find missing persons, and assist humans who suffer from both physical and psychological problems. I would like you all to watch this video of an abandoned pitbull found in a basement in Maryland. She was used as a bait dog and left to die alone until luckily someone found her and showed her the love and compassion that she should have been shown all along. Watch it and then tell me that his crimes were just against dogs and that they don't matter...


595 days ago


"You can judge the morality of a nation by the way the society treats its animals." Mahatma Gandhi

595 days ago


While I believe that Michael Vick should be given a second chance, I feel that his choice in breed is very concerning. I do not believe he should be allowed a personal pet, but that his children should not yet be punished for his own actions.
Because of his choice in breed, he should be monitored closely until the dog is too old to be used for fighting. By this, I would suggest monthly inspections by a variety of officials (all of which never inspect the dog more than twice) for the first 2 years of ownership followed by inspections every 3 months for the remainder of the dog's natural life.
He deserves a second chance. If I were to deny him a second chance, I would be undeserving of a second chance if I ever screwed up. While it would be unfortunate if he has not changed, the idea that people can change and the idea of the process of changing someone should be tested. I would love to live in a world where vile behavior could be corrected and changed. Where people can provide a positive impact to society. If you refuse to let them even have a chance to right their wrongs and provide a positive impact, they will never be able to.

I am not saying what he did was not vile. I believe he has served his time and deserves a second chance. Do note that I did not say he has paid his debt to society. That can only happen if he shows care and compassion to the animals he once abused. And that can only happen if you will allow him the chance to show care and compassion to the animals he once abused.

595 days ago
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