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Taylor Swift

I Made Nearly $1 MIL

On My Last Breakup

3/6/2013 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Swift
is so good at breaking up ... she's actually learned how to turn a profit on it -- earning nearly $1 million after dumping the house she purchased to be closer to her ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy.

As we reported, Swift purchased a $4.8 million mansion in Hyannis Port, MA next to the Kennedy compound last year while she was dating Conor. But -- shocker -- Taylor and Conor broke up soon after.

Now we've learned Swift has flipped the home for a huge profit -- selling the place a couple weeks ago for $5,675,000 ... that's a profit of $875,000 in just a few months.

She might suck at relationships ... but she's killing it on the real estate market.


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Thought she wasn't buying homes by her EX boyfriends! The girl has issues and I'm sick of hearing about them every frickin day on some news source. If she wants privacy then stay the hell away from the camera's and don't give interviews.....otherwise you are fair game! Not a fan!!!!!

594 days ago


That number is not the real number. How much did she spend on upgrades. How much did she spend on property tax. How much did she have to pay her realtor. How much does she pay for luxury tax.

594 days ago


Another one bites the dust.

594 days ago


Ill buy Harvey's house ... If he comes over once a week for a bubble bath and krumpets! He's so fuzzy and cute!

594 days ago


Chlamydia by 24

594 days ago

ohboy is a retard    

at least she never stole anybody's boyfriend, unlike miley

594 days ago


Stage 5 clinger. She is a loser

594 days ago


I don't understand why people call her a whore. I think she may be a prude stuck in fantasy land. She probably has an unrealistic view of how relationships work and the minute something doesn't go her way, she dumps them and then uses that as an inspiration for her music. At the end of the day, relationships 1-5 I blame on her. After that, it's the men's fault. They know exactly what they're getting into when they date Taylor. This is no secret and many jokes have been made regarding it. They know she's a serial dater and they choose to get involved anyway and then get shocked when she writes a song about them. Like...that is who Taylor is. Avoid her at all costs. If not, don't whine about it later because you knew what she was about when you started dating.

594 days ago


Oh my god. Everyone who is hating on her, SHUT THE **** UP.

594 days ago


Okay let me clear everything up for all of you. Taylor has far more talent than any mainstream artist these days. Did you know that she started writing music when she was 11? And got a record deal at 14? That takes talent. I've been a swiftie for 5 years now, and that hasn't changed one bit. Second, she doesn't only write songs about guys. If you were an actual fan, you would know that she has so many other songs that aren't about her breakups; A Place in this World, Stay Beautiful, Tied Together with a Smile, The Best Day, Fifteen, Mean, Mary's Song, The Outside, Ronan, I could o on. And songs that say good things about the guys she dates; Stay Stay Stay, Back to December, Starlight, Sparks Fly, Enchanted, Ours, etc. But people only want to pay attention to the bad things in her. So next time you go and talk trash about her, do your research.

594 days ago


Taylor swift is addicted to getting with "boys" and then braking up with them so she can make a song I'm sorry but Taylor needs to stop making all her songs about her brake up .. She is not a artist in my eyes

594 days ago


TMZ, reports are she spent quite a bit on renovations, not to mention $340,500 in realtor fees plus other closing costs required by the seller. Bottom line is she may not have profited much at all.

594 days ago


I'm no fan of the girl's music or fake-sweet persona, but I'm even less of a fan of the many bitter, angry people who spend their time posting pointless foul language on websites to make themselves feel better. Hope your life gets better people! geez!

593 days ago


closeing cost near10% so about 400,000 taxes leins fixup and agent fees she lost about 300-400 grando.she should have rented it out for a year or two wrote some of it off on her taxes and than dumped it later not sooner.If she had made a profit of over 30% after fees and taxes she could have would have made money but she lost abit

593 days ago


First of all she has to pay capital gains and commissions, plus taxes on amount over those figures, so profit is way less. Less than 10%. And as it is not her primary residence, she cannot deduct the $250,000 in profit that homeowners can do. So the profit s probably more like 7-8%.

593 days ago
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