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Demi Moore

You Were a Crappy Husband

And Now You'll Pay

3/8/2013 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Demi Moore
may be rich and famous, but she's no different from millions of scorned wives seeking revenge -- and that's why she wants spousal support from Ashton Kutcher ... despite the fact that she's richer than him.

There is no way a judge would ever give Demi spousal support.  Short story ... she doesn't need it and she won't get it.   A source close to Demi tells us ... she was "really hurt" by Ashton, whom the source called a "bad husband."  The source would not use the word revenge, but the sentiment was clearly there.

That said ... multiple sources connected with the former couple tell us ... Demi and Ashton are in the midst of negotiating a financial settlement, and her lawyer knows the more Demi asks for, the better she'll do in the end.

We're told they're actually pretty close to striking a deal -- and it WON'T involve spousal support.



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She just wants her boy toy back.

595 days ago


how about you do some more drugs in front your kids, demi and then call out someone else....break out Moore whippets.

595 days ago


She is RICHER But She might still get the Money from Him if He made more Money than Her while They were Married, i know He was always Working But She wasn't Working as much so even though She has a Lot more Money than Him if He made more while Married then He might have to Pay Her now........................We'll See

595 days ago


i know it Kills Her to see Her Ex-Husband with Mila Kunis who is Becoming a Real Big Movie Star in Hollywood............................OZ

595 days ago


She deserves every red cent after what he did which is dipping his wick in places that might have been (or were) diseased. Not once, not twice, but a few times. GET THE DOUGH, DEMI! GOOD LUCK!

595 days ago


She is just going to embarrass her self. Just let him go, did she think he would be there when she is 60 and sagging?

595 days ago


She's got that crazy look in her eyes...sort of like julia roberts. Dummy Moore will be found dead in her apartment of a wippit o.d surrounded by 50 of her cats and a faded poster of the Brat

595 days ago


LOL....Her years are done.

595 days ago


I mean I understand she feels spited, he did have an affair, but I don't see her accomplishing much in this situation outside of looking like the bitter old ex wife. Besides, she comes across as completely unstable to begin with. Maybe for her own sanity she should just move on.

595 days ago


Everybody knew at the beginning that the age difference wouldn't work out in the end. Maybe Bruce will go back to rocking her ham hocks.

595 days ago


I would think that HE would have more money then SHE because of the deal that he got with 2 and a half men and the years with That 70's Show including the DVD deals on that. Also wasn't he in more movies then she was?Unless she had a great investments that was done with her bankroll.

595 days ago


Demi had an affair before she was divorced from Bruce but now the same is being done to her she does not like it. If she wants a fight she may regret it when her daughters are deposed on her drug taking and odd behaviour.

595 days ago

BB not bb    

I never thought that they made sense as a couple to begin with. I don't think that she was any good for him either. He seems pretty flaky and she seems very self centered. They just don't match up at all.

I don't know why she left Bruce for him. He is like a little child to her. Maybe she did it all for an image thing. Maybe she didn't want to have to face getting older when people were teling her how great she looked when she first started with him, around the time of Charlie's Angels.

I bet it was embarrassing for her daughters. He is more like somone they would be dating. Demi needs to just come to her senses and move on and stop trying to get Ashton to be soemthing he isn't.

594 days ago


Apparently she is as disgusting on the inside as she is on the outside these days, eh?

Out with the old and in with the new. Mila looks more like Yoda everyday!

594 days ago


Move on and keep your dignity....

594 days ago
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