Demi Moore Demands Spousal Support from Ashton!!!

3/7/2013 9:59 AM PST

Demi Moore Wants Spousal Support From Ashton Kutcher!

Exclusive Details
Demi Moore has filed legal docs responding to Ashton Kutcher's divorce petition ... and get this -- she wants spousal support and she's worth WAAAAY more than him.

Sources connected with Demi tell TMZ ... "She's got money up the wazoo" and has untold millions more than Ashton.  He's not asking her for spousal support, so it's surprising she's going for it.

What's more ... she wants Ashton to pay HER attorney's fees.

Although there are reports that settlement negotiations have broken down, we're told it's not true -- both sides are negotiating and they expect a quick resolution.

It's almost out of the question Ashton will have to pay Demi spousal support -- a judge certainly would never order it.

One thing they both agree on -- they both checked the box citing irreconcilable differences.