Demi Moore & Harry Morton NOT Dating ... NOT Banging

1/12/2013 6:10 AM PST

Demi Moore & Harry Morton -- Not Dating, Not Banging

Demi Moore and Harry Morton are definitely NOT dating ... or banging ... or boning ... or doing the deed ... despite multiple reports to the contrary.

Reports have been circulating lately that Demi found herself a post-Ashton boy toy in the form of Pink Taco head honcho (and Lindsay Lohan's ex) Harry Morton. The reports claim the two have been on several dates in the past few weeks.

But it just ain't so. According to our sources, the two are NOT together. We're told they've been friends for a long time and they did go to dinner Wednesday night in Beverly Hills, but it was in NO WAY romantic.

Our sources say the duo have a slew of mutual friends, so they see each other a lot. We're told neither party is ruling out the possibility of dating in the future -- but right now, it's strictly a platonic thing.

Case closed.