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Demi Moore

You Were a Crappy Husband

And Now You'll Pay

3/8/2013 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Demi Moore
may be rich and famous, but she's no different from millions of scorned wives seeking revenge -- and that's why she wants spousal support from Ashton Kutcher ... despite the fact that she's richer than him.

There is no way a judge would ever give Demi spousal support.  Short story ... she doesn't need it and she won't get it.   A source close to Demi tells us ... she was "really hurt" by Ashton, whom the source called a "bad husband."  The source would not use the word revenge, but the sentiment was clearly there.

That said ... multiple sources connected with the former couple tell us ... Demi and Ashton are in the midst of negotiating a financial settlement, and her lawyer knows the more Demi asks for, the better she'll do in the end.

We're told they're actually pretty close to striking a deal -- and it WON'T involve spousal support.



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572 days ago


What a cry baby! It's her fault anyway because she is the one that wanted an "open" marriage and invited other women into their bedroom. If you marriage is sacred to you, then you don't do that sort of stuff. Usually spousal support is based on financial need and I don't think that she is financially needy, just needy for some brains. Maybe she should seek out the great wizard . . . .

572 days ago


Spousal support? Hahahaha. Because you really cant support yourself with $150m and also money from future movies... Lets be serious, yes he did earn more than her but this is far from a normal divorce, she has millions and will obviously not be affected financially by this at all. Its not Ashtons fault he earned more than her when they were married, shes just jealous. Lets hope whoever decides this has some common sense and can see this is just about revenge and not actually Moore needed money to survive. Let bygones be bygones, whats wrong with women these days?

572 days ago


It's just business

572 days ago


That just makes her more of a cu*t

572 days ago


I am not a fan of either one...but c'mon Demi with a 16 year difference...there was no way he was going to stay with you and watch you become a granny way before his time. Typical action of a younger person be it a male or female in this scenario. You are embarrassed and will continue to be embarrassed the more you make this relevent. You might want to start dating people more your age or just become like Cher...

572 days ago


honestly old old lady ...what DoD you think was going to happen. Retard

572 days ago



572 days ago


Stop making yourself look like a fool. Be the bigger person, deal with the divorce with some grace and move on with the class that a woman your age should have.

572 days ago


And she's supposed to be the older more grown one in the relationship. Sorry but filing for support knowing you won't get it just to try and get some payback is pretty petty and immature. Why she thought a 20 something year old boy would stay with a 50yr old forever is beyond me... especially since she's already been previously divorced. You are middle aged woman Demi, stop acting like a bitchy high school girl... put down the aerosol can, bask in the light that you had Ashton when all the other girls wanted him and move the hell on... like you did with Bruce.

572 days ago


This bat$hit crazed drug addict needs to move the hell on. Tired of listening to her "poor me" sob stories. No, Kutcher was no angel but a marriage takes TWO sane people to work! Her hard partying, clubbing with children, and drug use is NOT attractive! He was likely babysitting HER a$$ during their marriage!

572 days ago

Slim Whitman    

The Lawyers will make a KILLING off these two RICH celebrity's. Ashton and Demi will pay for both lawyer'
s new mansions.

572 days ago

Hoekom Jy My Haat    

What did the old cow think when she got hooked up with someone old enough to be her son; that they were going to last forever?!? She got a young stud, got ridden pretty steadily despite her age. What's she complaining about?

572 days ago


Dummy needs to grow up and remember she should have some self respect. She just looks sooo pathetic and desperate. I am embarrassed for her!

572 days ago


Oy. Demi, Demi, Demi....Smh. Spousal support? Really? That's a new low. She should have just treated this relationship as a fun fling with a younger man instead of marrying the guy and thinking she'd hold on to him forever. The age difference is just too much. He needs a younger woman he can relate to - and the possibility of having is own children. She couldn't give him that. I see this as being as much her fault as his. Yes, he cheated - but she was foolish to think that this relationship was marriage material in the first place. Every step of the way, she keeps making herself seem more and more desperate. Just move on already, Demi! You're rich, you're beautiful....stop lowering yourself like this!

572 days ago
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