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UK Glamour Model

Catholic Org. PISSED

Over Topless Papal Photos

3/8/2013 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A prominent Catholic organization is up in arms over photos plastered across a UK men's mag -- depicting a topless model scantily covered in priest regalia.

The photos of glamour model Lucy Pinder were published in the current issue of Loaded magazine -- along with the headline "For God's Sake" -- spoofing the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI.

Catholics are pissed ... Bill Donohue -- president of the Catholic League -- tells TMZ, "Lucy Pinder shouldn't have any problem turning men's heads, so it is all the more gratuitous to see her wearing a priest's stole, stitched with crosses, nicely covering her plus-sized chest." (Nicely indeed)

Donohue sarcastically added, "If Lucy has any guts, perhaps next time she'll carefully drape herself in some Islamic garb during Ramadan. And then run for the hills."

For her part, Lucy tells us, “The shoot is meant to be fun and very tongue-in-cheek," so chill, Catholics.



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Big Jim Slade    

TLDR: Bewbs

597 days ago



597 days ago


Omg a beautiful woman! Are you guys mad it wasn't a little boy?

597 days ago


So Catholics are pissed about this, but they seem to have no problem with priests molesting little boys.

597 days ago


Personally, I am sick to death of the media, Hollywood, and the fashion world denigrating the Catholic Church and Christians alike. Had they put a Muslim woman on the cover with her burka opened up to show off her breasts, the photographer would have been gunned down by now by radical Muslims, and the magazine offices would have been bombed.

Had they put a Michelle Obama look alike sitting half nude in the Oval Office, smoking a cigar, the NAACP would also be up in arms.

Offensive and disgusting. Period.

597 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

The picture is stupid even, because the idiot is standing there wearing a cross, standingwhile holding a hanging cross above her head, covered in crosses, and then there's a red candle nearby. Can a picture be any more stupid than that?? But hey, mix things up a little - the mag could actually make a name for itself by disrespecting ALL religions. They could run similar covers for the Muslims, Jews, etc., during their high holidays like they just did for Catholics AND right in the middle of their Lent. There's a HUGE difference between disrespecting a religion and expression and someone at that magazine should become better informed rather than keep their head in the sand when they're making cover decisions.

597 days ago


The Catholic Church needs to be more aggressive in demanding respect for what their congregation believes in. Believing in God doesn't mean hands down and letting everybody run over you. On that I admire the Jews and the Muslims. They have made people think twice before disrespecting their religion!

597 days ago


Religion smdh

597 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

From a PR perspective I wouldn't make a habit of intentionally upsetting the church. If you want to do art and be expressive then create and be expressive, not just be disrespectful and uncivil in ways that are insensitive to such tense subject.

I don't see how the creativity benefited the church and religion, so I don't see the relevance, but I do understand.

You can say and do jus about anything if people understand what they are getting. Associating church directly with immoral sex can create and cause problems. That's a very voluptuous specimen. I think she can use all that more creatively in an appropriate context and it will be much more memorable.

If it makes people feel good they remember it more than if it distresses them. But I understand.

It's very courageous, just do so more responsibly as to avoid unneeded problems.

597 days ago


what is most offensive is the bigoted attack by the media and hollywood against the Catholic Church. YES IT IS BIGOTED AND DISCRIMATORY AND INFLAMMATORY & the comment here . It is not an accident this cover was publised during lent and the imepnding conclave to sell magazines Yes the cover up and the abuse of innocent children is horrible but as a professional who cares for sexually & physcially absued children & who testifies on their behalf it occurs all religons professions and all people cover it up including PARENTS and the PARTNERS of the perteprators Get off your high horse. By the way have any of you ever helped any abuse victim

597 days ago


Lets put the queen in the same position, it would be prohibited by the govt, double standards? but of course, very british.

597 days ago


Nice boobs.

597 days ago


Chill out Catholics? Say that to Muslims if you dressed as a sexy Mohammed, or to Blacks if you dressed up as a sexy KKK Grand wizard. By the way sex scandal lovers... if you look at the number of priests worldwide vs. number of priests who have raped a child, it's less than .1% It just seems more because the Religion hating media sensationalized the stories more than they do cases of parents raping children, teachers raping children, family members like uncles or grandparents raping children, all of which happen to a MUCH larger extent than the priest sex scandal. Did the church handle it well? No, but what happened with an evil few doesn't change God's word.

597 days ago


Most child molesters are heterosexuals, beware of your neighbor!!!

597 days ago


She's very beautiful. There are bigger things going on in this world. Ppl should choose their battles. This is nbd. But with all the uproar,.theyre definitely giving it the publicity the UK magaxine wants.

597 days ago
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