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Celebrity Hackers

We're Not Just After Publicity

3/12/2013 7:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The hackers who obtained Michelle Obama's financial records -- along with some of the biggest celebs in the world -- aren't just seeking recognition ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ they have been "using" the credit information.

Our sources would not be specific on how the information has been used, but it could involve access and withdrawal of money.  As we previously reported, the hackers have obtained personal banking information as well as social security numbers and that could be enough to obtain withdrawals of cash.

We're also told the FBI has been "aggressively investigating" the case ... and it also strikes close to home, because one of the victims is FBI Director Robert Mueller

Our sources also make it clear ... the FBI knew about the hackers before they made themselves public.  We're told, "The investigation did NOT start yesterday."


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Well I had respect for them until I realized they released social security numbers and now this? Withdrawal of money? That's not V for Vendetta, that's just Oceans eleven - nerd style.

592 days ago


First World problems.

592 days ago


So the FBI chose to allow the hackers to publicly share all that stolen info with .. well everyone?? Were they investigating so hard that even after it was widely reported yesterday the site remained up giving even more people access to the stolen info??

592 days ago


Stealing, kinda like when the Obamas spend millions of taxpayer dollars to go on lavish vacations, that kinda stealing?

592 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Yes these terrible thoughtless thieves, watched FOREVER by the US Cybercrime Whatever. You know these fat baldheaded guys that rape prisoners and stuff. Yes, what do you bet some 'data' was used as a honey trap? There is a massive cyberbattle between China & US and Iran and the US. This is NO co-incidence. And NOBODY important has had their info released. The Fame Fodder get some data splashed but well, they couldn't get the other information on former FBI director and what not, because (a US corporation we love you giving you a score) had an extra password on his stuff, that only the Indian Call Centre had. Please....

592 days ago


Maybe it's time to reconsider all these big credit rating companies. They have access and collect all your info, without your permission and store it in their data bases. If your private info wasn't in their computers hackers wouldn't have access. How convenient to have all the ID theft info you need all on one nice neat printout from the place that makes their living giving out your credit info to other credit companies.

592 days ago


Obama denies school children tours of the White House to save $18,000 per week while the Feds spend $1.5 Million to study why lesbians are fat.

592 days ago


TMZ why don't you leave this to CNN and keep to your lame celeb sitings honestly you really sound dumb.

592 days ago


It's too bad hackers don't apply their brilliance to something good.

592 days ago


What? Maybe the government should take control of the internet, then we would be protected. They could just piggy back it onto taking away our choice for healthcare and taking away our ability to protect ourselves. Nahhh...that would be too obvious.

592 days ago

steak man     

She is ugly!!!

592 days ago


I'm surprised they haven't shut the website down. They shouldn't have posted their social security numbers.

592 days ago


Just a shot in the dark, but I'm going to guess all the victims attended the superbowl or are connected to some other celebrity event and the leak came from contractors doing security.

592 days ago


Website is ******

592 days ago


Ohh wow they censored it

592 days ago
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