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Kim/Kris Divorce

Deposition RUINS

Kris' Fraud Case

3/13/2013 9:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A deposition has surfaced in the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries divorce in which the producer of Kim's reality show confesses Kim re-shot her reaction to Kris' marriage proposal ... problem for Kris -- it kills his fraud case.

According to the depo transcript -- obtained by Life & Style -- when Kris proposed to Kim on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," a producer says Kim was "completely surprised" and didn't give a good reaction, so she asked that it be re-shot.

2 big problems for Kris:

1.  Kris is alleging Kim fraudulently induced him to marry her.  Since he proposed and she was surprised, it means it positively wasn't a grand scheme to dupe him.

2.  Kris clearly knew she re-shot her reaction, so no matter what, he was in on everything.

Short story ... give it up Kris.


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We all know TMZ is on the Kardaahian payroll. This is BS

555 days ago


how about telling the long story TMZ as Radar Online did...give it up TMZ

555 days ago


Team Kris............It dont matter...the nasty walking yeast infection is having a bastard child from some brainless rapper.....another useless kardashian whore being born so grammma can whore her out!

555 days ago


RECENT photos of Kim,on TMZ? Somehow TMZ just can't manage that. The real issue is, Mrs, HUMPHRIES is knocked up with some black dude's kid! Deal with that immorality~

555 days ago


TMZ is trying to save the kardashians. See this .


555 days ago


And now - the TRUTH - from a source OTHER THAN TMZ!
"Jay said in the court do***ents that Kim not only knew about Kris’ “surprise” proposal, but insisted producers reshoot the scene because “she didn’t like how her face looked in the first take,” according to Life & Style magazine.

The magazine reports Russell reveals that a scene where Kim confesses to her mother, Kris Jenner, that she was having trouble in her marriage with Kris was actually shot after she filed for divorce in 2011."

555 days ago


K-kow wasn't surprised, she just didn't like how she looked so did 50 retakes. lmao

555 days ago

Pet peeves    

TMZ, where I come for legal advice...

555 days ago


Radar Online tells the REAL story and just became my #1 celeb gossip site over TMZ.
I'm sick of TMZ, who is CLEARLY on the Kardashian payroll, trying to stick up for them.

555 days ago


Yeah, because the producer of kind show wouldn't choose her side. Tmz is on the same level as Star Magazine.

555 days ago

small asian penis    

After reading the producer's testimony on Radar, you'll learn that she is a bad person. She never loved that guy, that's become very obvious as she financially benefited from throwing the guy under the bus on numerous occasions. Who would want to make their loved ones look bad: a horrible person or someone who doesn't love the other person. I hope he gets an annulment, I don't think he needs her $, just the papers.

555 days ago


Short story ... give it up TMZ.

555 days ago


Sorry. I'm a lawyer and I know TMZ dude used to be/is, but what? Drawing waaaaaaaaay too much from that one piece of evidence. If anything, her desire to re shoot is evidence of Kris' point. Also, just b/c engagement was real doesn't mean decision to go through with it and plan the wedding and everything wasn't fake. I'd argue her desire to re shoot is an example of his point that things were generally fake, that he put up with it but increasingly disliked the fake re takes and then realize both through the wedding planning and wedding and post wedding actions of Kim that she had married him just for ratings. Its actually great for Kris. Who the f is analyzing this depo? A law student? Come on....You can say its neutral, but giving the not to Kim on this is ridiculous. Especially since she tried to have a baby w/ another dude before this got wrapped up. I actually am a Kim fan, but no lawyer would say yeah, go live your life b/c this is dragging on unless they were out of their gourd overconfident. Stupid, stupid mistake on her part....

555 days ago


TMZ, I am done with you. This proves you are on their payroll. Bias bias bias. Good bye!

555 days ago


This is how I see it. He fell in love with her (god knows why). Proposed. A lightbulb went off in her head. He asked, so now she didn't have to push for a wedding. Now, she was free to make "wedding plans" including having it televised. Only fame whores have something so personal and intimate as a wedding televised.He went along with it because he truly loved her. When she could get no more ratings or cash from said "wedding", she decided to make new ratings. A divorce! Yeah, I think she defrauded him. Every few weeks, she has to do "something" to keep herself in the news. Paris Hilton has faded from the limlight, when will this useless family fade away too?

555 days ago
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