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Lindsay Lohan

Prosecutors To Use

Past Lies Against Her

3/15/2013 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's past may come back to haunt her when she goes to trial next week for allegedly lying to cops after her car accident ... because TMZ has learned, prosecutors will attempt to introduce evidence she's done exactly the same thing twice before.

Law enforcement sources directly connected to the case tell TMZ ... prosecutors are convinced that Lindsay has an M.O. when she gets into trouble on the road -- telling cops she wasn't driving, even though she was.

Lindsay is being prosecuted for allegedly telling cops she was a passenger in the Porsche that crashed into a truck last June on Pacific Coast Highway when in fact she was the driver.

We've learned prosecutors want the jury to hear about 2 prior incidents:

1. May, 2007 : Lindsay was busted in Bev Hills for driving under the influence after her Mercedes struck a curb at 5:30 AM on Sunset Blvd.  Lindsay told cops she was a passenger in the car. LIE.

2. March, 2012 : Lindsay was leaving the Sayers Club in Hollywood in her Porsche just after midnight when she allegedly struck a pedestrian and fled.  She told cops she was a passenger. LIE.

Our sources say prosecutors will attempt to introduce the 2 incidents under the law that allows evidence of "prior bad acts" that shows a pattern of misconduct.


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Hot Farts    

Yeah - Hannah WEHO Saturday night nayski!

551 days ago

Hot Farts    

Just got back from promenade and the bars are jumpin already...looks like Green Puke Day is startin early

I always see Brennans in Marina del Rey on the news at 6 am (they open early and all the college students are in there storing up green beer for the big puke later)

551 days ago


I hope they are as hungover as shyte on Monday,,LMFAOOO Imagine Linds throwing up all over Heller , as he is about to give his opening statement!!!!

551 days ago


I had thought that Jr had tweeted about the band at M of M so I went to double check. I was wrong but Jr did send out a congrats to some guy who is somehow interrelated to the blowup and series of threats that Milo had on twitter today. (noted in an earlier post)

551 days ago


Looks like Mommy DUIna got left behind. She was accosting kids at Runyon's in Merrick tonight:

Patrick Maslinski ‏@Pcmazz
@dinalohan my sister says thanks for calling her adorable at Runyon's tonight .

551 days ago


So Dina's at home and Milo will be in court...

551 days ago


Is the trial set for 8:30?

551 days ago


I'm back at the hospital with my mom. I was in bed late morning today enjoying my puppies, coffee, and paper-no donut!-as my sister stayed with mom last night-mom has an apartment built on my home--and my sister called and asked me to step over. One look at mom and I knew she was in congested heart failure red zone. Ambulance ride, er craziness, and another night in hospital. But we have a private room and that makes such a difference.
I will read posts I have missed today but was there any more info on creepy dad' s plan with his attorney? Or is it still just wait for Monday and see?

551 days ago

Hot Farts    

8:30 is when the courtroom opens. Judge takes bench at 9:00.

why would Dina come to Cali - she is prob sure Tater will go directly to jail. No point. (would that be great)

By the way "Diane" is on ROL mooing her comments

551 days ago

Hot Farts    

Wonder if Dina has to ask her mumsy for money to go out to eat seafood

551 days ago


What is Dina's income these days? I probably don't want to know! Lol.

551 days ago

Hot Farts    

I love this pic of Lil Wayme walkin his mom down the isle and there's one of he and one of his kids. He is on my mind

551 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Hey guys just checking in before I go to sleep. Big day tomorrow, got a house full right now. Family fun tomorrow I cant wait.

Runyon's is not in Merrick its in Seaford. Its three towns over. LOL! That Dina is there. Not that its a bad resturant, she likes to mouch free meals around here.

Dee, sending (((((((hugs)))))) and (((((((<3)))))) to mom, you and your family. I will say prayers for her and ask my angels to look over her.

Lindsay is back in LA for all the St.Patricks partys. We are now guaranteed she will be three shades into next week all jacked up on pills to keep her awake in court. This is so going to be a must see.

The Wanted is only using her. Im sure it will never happen cuase Lying Lindsay doesn't want her partying seen on TV. So Red CRAP can calm down she wont be on the show.

Night to all, sweet dreams xoxoox

See ya Tomorrow

551 days ago


To clarify my earlier question--is the hearing SET for 8:30. I'm aware of courtroom procedure.

Further, I don't think that Diane's assertions on ROL are incorrect. There was an article someone posted on here last night about Milo hiring Wohl. And there were the ridiculous tweets. When Wohl's name was first put out there the story said that Wohl had been "in touch with" Heller's office on a daily basis. That could mean a number of things

551 days ago


This is what Wohl was tweeting last night. It was subsequently deleted.


4h David Wohl David Wohl ‏@DavidWohl

Court on Monday. People v. Lindsay #Lohan. I'll be there on behalf of her Dad. Stay Tuned.
27m Charley Green Charley Green ‏@cege25

@DavidWohl her father has no say in the case, she's an adult. as a lawyer you should already know he has no legal standing.
11m David Wohl David Wohl ‏@DavidWohl

@cege25 Thanks for your advice. You're wrong.

551 days ago
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