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Transgender MMA Fighter

Should Be BANNED

... Says Next Opponent

3/15/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Transgender MMA fighter (and former man) Fallon Fox has NO PLACE in women's mixed martial arts ... so grouses her next opponent ... but the challenger is still confident she'll kick Fallon's ass.

Allanna "Hands of Stones" Jones -- who's scheduled to fight Fox next month in Florida -- tells TMZ, "It doesn't matter what he [Fox] had changed ... he was still born and developed a man."

Jones believes Fox's participation in the sport will distract from the accomplishments of "real" female fighters, saying, "[WMMA] is just making a name for itself and this will have a negative impact on it.”

Worth noting ... Fox is a postoperative transsexual who has undergone hormone therapy and has been living as a woman for years. Any advantage she might have over other female fighters is debatable.

But despite claims it's not a fair fight, Jones is still convinced she'll wipe the floor with Fox -- telling us, "I am not scared to fight him because I know I can win."

Guess we'll see about that. 

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Actually, the only way to nip this matter in the bud is for Jones to SUE the licensing commission in federal court, and she should do so on the grounds of SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION. That's right, take the gay mafia's trump card from them. She should allege that by allowing an opponent with SUPERIOR MALE PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES AND ABILITY to compete in this arena, they are discriminating against natural-born female competitors. Force the commission to PROVE that Fallon does not have an advantage based on his genetic make-up. A prima facie case can be made by Jones based on Fallon's physical attributes alone, in comparison to all female members in the league.

584 days ago


Wow, you are all intolerant ****s. Jones herself looks like she has the anatomy of a man so how is this unfair? A transgender female IS a female, they are not a man any longer. You are all incredibly ignorant and you disgust me. Don't ****ing sit there and talk about things you clearly know NOTHING about. Transphobic *******s.

584 days ago

terrell m    

i get that where at a point in the country where were trying to get people to accept gay/ transgender whatevers... but this is a freakin circus.. just because HIS brain wants to tell him that HE'S a man doesn't say we should accept him in there fighting women.. at the end of the day those wins wont count...

584 days ago

Indi Edwards    

transphobic people posting in this forum all diserve a punch in the face,

584 days ago


transphobic people posting in this forum all diserve a punch in the face,


Ahhh, the "tolerant" gay left, making society better for us all by threatening physical violence against anyone who disagrees with them. lol!!!

584 days ago


Fallon should not fight girls! No offense to her but your bone struxture, muscle structure, and the way she's built is still of a man. Yes, she got surgery but her structure did not change from when she was a man. So its not fair. What if it was a women who changed into a man? Would you say the same thing?

584 days ago

Kelli Busey    

As a transgender woman I can tell you it's not just ones physical condition that HRT and surgery affect. Male to female transition affects a persons total physiological state usually rendering a feminine psyche I say usually because there are exceptions and there are.extremes. Some MTF's (like myself) would never enjoy a violent sport like this.

Fallon Fox does. This is her thing and she is good at it. Maybe too good for some peoples liking. Really, you watch these woman fight? They'll take your head off.
I say let her fight. She knows she's got a bulls eye on her now so instead of bitchin, why don't you just give her your best shot? She's ready for you.

583 days ago

Zoë D.    

There seems to be a lot of confusion and ignorance of not only the transgender condition and what happens when its treated, but about basic anatomy and physiology in general. So here's a quick science lesson.

Hormone treatment (such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone blockers) CHANGE the physical makeup of the body. The muscle mass and strength that may have developed in a male DECREASES to that akin to a biological female. In simple terms, MTF HORMONES MAKE YOU WEAKER! SHE NO LONGER HAS THE MUSCLE MASS AND STRENGTH OF A MALE! Now the original outer bone structure does not change, but the bone makeup DOES change, making the bones LESS dense, LESS strong, and increases the chances of osteoporosis to that akin to a biological female. The internal structure of the bones are like a WOMAN'S, NOT A MAN'S!

Training does cause micro tears and micro breaks in the muscles and bones, which causes the muscles and bones to become stronger and denser which is equally true of males and females. It does NOT however revert them to a previous masculine state, only to that which a woman could attain (because hormone therapy is for the rest of your life). Therefore this puts both fighters on equal biological ground. The only difference between them now is their individual training regimens and individual experiences. BIOLOGICALLY THEY ARE ON EQUAL FOOTING! IT IS NOT MALE VERSUS FEMALE, IT IS FEMALE VERSUS FEMALE. If you choose not to believe me, look it up for yourself. This is basic anatomical science.

583 days ago


shouldb banned? im guessing ur afraid to go against him/her. shes got the bones of most women and there are some people stronger than others.

583 days ago

Erika Jimenez    

HE HIS A MAN! you are condoning women being abuse by a man! BANN HIM from the womens division!

582 days ago



582 days ago


Please lets debate... hormonal treatment does not undo the natural bone density, muscle mass, and even the center of balance that gives men a distinct physical advantage over women.

581 days ago


Sports, especially sports like these, really need to classify 3 genders--male, transgender and female. You have to just realize you were born in the wrong body and for a few simple minutes or hours, you have to embrace it and let things be equal and fight/play with a body that is akin to the body you were born with. JMHO. MAYBE an exception if you were born or a child VERY big or VERY small for your gender.

574 days ago


Doesn't matter what he went through to become a women ,the fact is he/she was still born a man and wants to fight women ! There are different weight classes for men he/she should fight in the mens weight division ! Not fighting women period ! I soooo hope he gets his ass kicked by a REAL WOMEN

65 days ago
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