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3/16/2013 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


's Friday night was worse than yours -- the rapper was stripped of his white Lamborghini after it was IMPOUNDED by cops ... and TMZ got it all on tape.

Law enforcement sources tell us... Tyga was pulled over around 11:00 PM for an unknown traffic violation in Hollywood. But when cops asked him for license and registration, Tyga had NEITHER ... no current registration AND the rapper was unlicensed to drive.

We're told Tyga was not arrested for the violations -- but the police issued him a citation and had his primo ride impounded ASAP. He was also given a field sobriety test, as seen in the footage, but was not busted for DUI.

After the ordeal, Tyga vented his frustration on Twitter, saying, "#F*** LAPD."

Word to the wise ... if you wanna drive a car ... invest in a license.


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Now the repo man knows where to find it.

594 days ago


Seriously? It's the LAPD's fault you didn't have a license? Let me guess, it's because you're black and famous that you get treated oh so badly?? LOL okkkkkk!

594 days ago


I love these rappers who act like badasses so they go run on twitter and say F*** the lapd.. They get pulled over like anyone else but rappers seem to think its gangster to get pulled over for driving without a license and its gangstar to scream on twitter about the police

594 days ago


Thugs do not understand what the word "law" means. Typical rapper idiot thinks he can do anything and then when he gets busted he blames the cops and not himself for breaking the law.

594 days ago

Kev the Realist    

just another DOUCHE BAG. If you are stupid enough to have no license and no registrationm, you sre too freekin stupid to drive a lambo.... You moron, you deserve to be arrested for being an ahole. What the hell do you think the police are out there for. It is to protect the public from aholes like you that drive illegally. Great Job LAPD.

594 days ago

tony gee    

Why get a license when he is pretty well known wherever he goes? It's way too expensive like he's gonna drive it everyday. Hell No!

And as for the insurance of the car, he ain't no fool. Do you know how much insurance that car is going to cost him? He isn't having that, neither.

So, when he gets that car back, I don't know how,
but he will just have to drive where no LAPD's are around. Those LAPD's are trying to make his life miserable just for a mere driver's license and a registration.

Can you believe that? Can you blame him for tweeting F# LAPD. Of course not. They are asking for too much!

594 days ago


"#F*** LAPD." What's up with that. While I have ZERO respect for that worthless, star-struck police department--they gave you the celebrity treatment (go figure). Should have hauled your ass to jail.
Oh, that's right, the jails are too full for celebrities.

594 days ago


It's really "gangsta" to whine on twitter.

594 days ago


Must be nice. If I had done that, my car would be impounded and I'd be in jail. Damn!

594 days ago


How about #F*** idiot rappers who think they don't have to have licenses and registrations like the rest of the world. "I'm special and entitled."

Makes me ill.

594 days ago


Yes, "Tyga" F***LAPD Because you should just be able to do any damn thing you want! And if you are stopped from doing any damn thing you want, it's because you are black! How outrageous! I mean, just because the other 250 million adults in the US have to have a license to drive, WHY SHOULD YOU? The LAPD are being RACIST! Just because those other 250 million adults have to provide a registration if pulled over, WHY SHOULD YOU? My tags were expired once and I got ARRESTED (True story) Of course, I was only in jail for 4 hours, but STILL. The let you off with a warning? WTF man? THEY ARE UNFAIR AND RACIST.
*sigh @ idiots*

594 days ago


So he`s mad cause the cops did their job? Wth you are not special if you break the law you deal with the least you have money to easily take your car back

594 days ago


no license or registration, brain or common sense .
just a Lamborghini and bad attitude .

Tyga can vent his frustration on Twitter, saying, "#F*** LAPD."
Guess we know who won that battle

594 days ago


#**** TYGA. Follow the rules moron, it really is that simple. How about #idiot.

594 days ago

Wow ...    

Really F* LAPD? For what, doing their job? If on the other hand, they impounded the car and harassed Tyga while he was a law abiding citizen, I might have sympathy. Till then don't blame others for your own mistakes, look in the mirror and take responsibility.

594 days ago
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