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Journey Guitarist

Sues Ex-Mother-in-Law --

Stop Trashing Me Online!

3/18/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Most people get to forget their in-laws after divorce ... but not Journey guitarist Neal Schon -- he's suing his ex-mom-in-law for defamation, claiming the woman is continuing to ruin his life ... by badmouthing him on the Internet.

Neal filed the defamation suit against Judy Kozan, the mother of Amber Schon -- whom Neal divorced in 2007 -- claiming Judy has "attacked and harassed" him through Internet postings and false comments to the media for years.

According to the lawsuit, Judy published a blog article in January, accusing Schon of not paying her daughter enough money to support herself -- letting their two little girls "go homeless," putting his ex "in a situation where she literally has no money for food, gas for the car, bills, nothing."

Schon says he's paid his ex amply ... more than $1.3 million to be exact ... and her mom's lies have tarnished his reputation, resulting in multiple media outlets accusing him of being a "deadbeat" dad.

He's suing for at least $75,000. 

FYI -- Judy has since removed the offending blog post ... and replaced it with a post that sounds a lot like a retraction, in which she says the "deadbeat dad" reports are FALSE. Too little, too late?


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He is a douchebag. Sue me.

547 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

What the fvck happened to his nose. It looks like a flappy vagina with 2 holes.
Phishie from Philly

547 days ago


Ya well maybe he should have kept it in his pants and took his vows seriously. I am a single Mom and i'll tell ya, what the courts order is mostly NEVER enough!!! The more you make the more you spend and and that goes for everybody. She was used to a certain lifestyle and that shouldn't change right now because he just because he's a skank and stole another skank who was also married!!! Why should her and the kids pay and get by with less because he is smarmy and thinks WAYYYYY too much of himself. Every time some ******* does this, the other spouse and kids pay for it, while the adulterer goes around like him without a care, rubbing it in to the other. I hope that slutty skank Michaele Salahi takes him for every dime he has when they split. He should have kept Steve Perry, at least then this ******* "looked" like he had some class.

547 days ago


I don't even like this guys looks, he thinks he's all that and more. Mother in laws though, i doubt many if ANY like the one they have.

547 days ago


BTW...... I meant he should have Steve Perry as the lead singer. Steve has an awesome voice and brought the band some class. Neil just makes the whole band look bad.

547 days ago

Jeanenne Tonatore,    

Everyone knows that if you wanna trash someone, you dOn't do it AT HOME.

You go over to a friend's house.

547 days ago


What a joke! I read that blog, Neal's name was NEVER mentioned. No one was named. He's trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.
What about all the pages of negative comments here and on other sites? Are you going to sue all these people too? A lot of people don't like you anymore Neal, not because of a stupid blog, but because of all the crap you do to people. You're a public figure, you're going to get criticized. Deal with it.

547 days ago


He must be desparate for money to sue an oldlady. get over it

547 days ago


What a huge piece of s**t this ass wipe is. Fk Journey, they ain't nothing without Steve Perry anyway. Fk'im.

547 days ago


What the hell happened to his nose? He used to be so cute when he was in Santana. Now his face is all jacked up.

547 days ago

Hey Jude     

Anonymous ... They are all the same people with fake profiles many different sites - blogs Jeffrey Rutledge has over 200 himself , Judy has many. Clint there's only a hand full of these haters and they post everywhere

547 days ago


KOME Mad Dogs VS Journey Rock Dogs

547 days ago

Hey Jude     

Alls anyone needs to do is read the court do***ents. He has done everything required of him and more.

547 days ago

samuel bronkowitz    

Wow Neal....Michaele has been a big boost for y our image. Since you got with her you have become a regular on TMZ and now you have sunk to commenting on other commenters posts here under the name "Hey Jude." How long can Michaele go without being the center of attention? Won't be long till she sucks you lower into some reality show. Of course having that credit card helps to keep her occupied. PS - Tell her that her extensions look like a rats nest

547 days ago


Hey Jude, I mean hey Neal, aside from the skanky chicks in your life for a second... what's the real story behind Steve Perry leaving Journey? Was there a battle of egos? Man, that guy had the voice.

547 days ago
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