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Lil Wayne

Day 6 in Intensive Care

3/18/2013 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lil Wayne is still in rough shape ... and remains in the intensive care unit at an L.A. hospital 6 days after being admitted for seizures stemming from a suspected drug overdose ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... Wayne's condition has not improved enough to be moved out of the ICU ... and he continues to be monitored very closely by staff at L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai hospital.

We know Wayne has been surrounded by friends and family since he was admitted to the ICU this past Wednesday ... and we're told the mood around Wayne's bedside has been very serious.

Among Wayne's visitors -- Drake, Chris Paul, Nicki Minaj, Birdman and others.

TMZ broke the story ... Wayne's stomach was pumped at least 3 times after doctors suspected he had overdosed on the prescription drug codeine ... the main ingredient in "sizzurp."

Wayne has struggled with codeine for years -- and just a few months ago suggested he had quit using the powerful painkiller.



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I recommend getting a Medical Marijuana card.

563 days ago


I feel terrible that this is happening to you wayne and i hope you recover.

563 days ago


My heart goes out to Lil Wayne and his family. I hate to see anyone putting their loved ones, especially their mother and children through this. I pray that he makes a full recovery and takes his life back. However, instead of being upset with TMZ and other news outlets for reporting the story, we should use this story as an example of what happens to people who take the drugs that are being glorified in some of today's music. How can we be outraged at TMZ for reporting that Wayne has done something the he, HIMSELF, glorifies doing in his music. In almost EVERY song he makes or is featured in, he is raving about drinking sizzurp and popping molly. But now we are upset with TMZ for reporting that he is having health issues from the same drugs he glorifies using. Gimme a break. Sit your children, your siblings, your nieces and your nephews down, show them all of these articles, no matter how ugly, and stress to them that this is the ONLY place these hard drugs will lead them. And be sure they understand that place is called SELF DESTRUCTION. Hopefully, Wayne will live and be able to correct some of the wrongs from the messages in his music. For the sake of his young fans.

563 days ago


Nature will take its course and only time will tell. Not wishing him harm, just realistic about the ramifications of self-abuse.

3 billion people in the world with nothing to eat living in poverty, through no fault of their own, now that's where I'm directing my heartfelt thoughts.

563 days ago


I wouldn't at all be surprised if what TMZ is reporting is correct. I know from personal experience that what TMZ have described is correct, in regards to how hospitals treat overdoses. I, not too long ago took a bad mix of prescription meds (not on purpose) and ended up overdosing. I was having a seizure when I was found. Codeine was involved and because it is a respiratory depressant, it affects your breathing. I was put into an induced coma for 3 days and because you can't breathe on your own while in a coma, they stick breathing tubes down your throat. They will keep you in that coma, until whatever crap you ingested is out of your system and your oxygen levels increase. The whole being tied down is not so far fetched either. My hands were eventually tied to the bed railings, because I would occasionally wake up for a few seconds and try to pull the breathing tubes out (if you have ever had breathing tubes down your throat, you will know why. You feel like you are suffocating to death).... Anyhoo, my point is that this is how hospitals now treat overdoses.

563 days ago


Now the truth comes out that this was drug-involved.

563 days ago


Dat Sizzurp.

563 days ago


I guess now you got some worries

563 days ago


People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

563 days ago


you can fight this Wayne...i hope you do ..HipHop still needs you,your family needs you and world needs you prayers

563 days ago


Gee, what a surprise ANOTHER rap "star" who IGNORES the warning signs that he NEEDS to STOP doing drugs!!!!

563 days ago


They did the same crap to Tupac and Lil Wayne is just a victim...TMZ is looking a buck...Harvey Levin go back to being a tv lawyer which nobody watched anyway..

563 days ago


"To the: drugs kill, I'm acknowledging that. But when I'm on a drug I don't have a problem with that." Lil Wayne- live from 504 He doesn't even care that the drugs will kill him.

563 days ago


this is so scary.

563 days ago


God does not like ugly. This should be a lesson for the rest of us. Be good to all and keep your side of the street clean. You live by the gun and you will suffer too. This is something that he could of prevented from happening .

Lil Wayne is very intelligent but made very bad decisions.

563 days ago
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