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Lindsay Lohan

Trolls Nightclubs

After Rehab Deal

3/19/2013 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Lindsay Lohan clearly took her latest rehab sentence to heart last night ... Absolut-ly ... she was back on the nightclub circuit.

Lindsay went full camouflage as her SUV pulled up to the AV Nightclub in Hollywood.  With a blanket covering her face, she clearly did not want to be seen.  Problem was ... there was a gaggle of photogs she couldn't shake, so a frustrated LiLo beat a hasty retreat without ever entering the club.

As you know ... a judge essentially told Lindsay she had a big fat substance abuse problem and ordered her to spend 90 days in lockdown rehab.

The judge did not hold the tardy actress in contempt.  The reverse clearly cannot be said.


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Maybe since she's to selfish, lost, senseless to get it, then what the judge should say is that if he gets a report she's in a club, entering a club etc. then she's to be immediately arrested, probation revoked and sent to mandatory rehab. She clearly doesn't give a ****, thinks she's above the law, flaunts it in everyone's face and we as the tax payers are paying the price and that should hold weight in court, sadly if she doesn't realize she's got a serious addiction problem and at her current pace, the next thing we'll be paying for is her funeral. Someone who gets the sentence she just did and runs right to a club to party it up needs some serious help, she should have been immediately remanded into custody to start her rehab.

479 days ago


@Diana...Lohan pays for it all. Rehab, shrink the whole bit. Nothing from the taxpayers unless Lohan becomes a guest of the county.

479 days ago


What's the matter? Regular coke dealers too scared to hook you up? Gotta go scour the clubs to try to get a quick fix? Jonesing much???

479 days ago


I say more power to her if she wants to drink and do as many drugs as she can before rehab. Maybe she'll do us all a favor and OD.

479 days ago


its disgusting what gossip sites do to promote their lies. radar had a pic of the girl in the car with a pic of lilo circled. they've taken down the pic of the girl, what devious deceiptful they are. x17 still have the pics and video of the dark haired girl and the guy

479 days ago


this fake bogus story originated from x17. The pics and video prove it isn't lilo, but just say the name Lindsay Lohan and you have a story, a fake story.

479 days ago


Oh im sure she was just stopping by to wish her friend a happy birthday! On a serious note rehab is a joke to her, she has yet to hit her bottom and that is what is needed before someone like her can even attempt to straighten out. The judge and city atty did a huge diservice to her by not sending her to jail. I think she does need the rehab but she needs the jail first and by jail I mean more than 10 days. This is evidence of that.

479 days ago


HOhan's D Day Clock

479 days ago


Can some Judge have some sense of whats right in this country??? Throw this waste of space creature in the pokey already .... enough is enough !!!! She is never going to learn if keep getting free passes come on! BTW add her mom to the package too! God Lord I had to get that out of my chest!!!!

479 days ago


who's that beauty that sits next to lindsay

479 days ago


I Love it all the Lindsay haters are out in force today!!! I am so happy she did not go to Jail I just jumped up and down!!! I love ya Linds you are just my type of girl!! Keep on keeping on sweetie!!

479 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Lilo is really starting to look UNTOUCHABLE to the California Wanker System.

479 days ago


C'mon guys, this is still nothing but a game to Lohan. How much can I push my luck and still get away with it. She finds this funny.

479 days ago


Another free pass, another night club. She will never learn and why should she? She has NO concequence except what she wants as a punishment. CA judges, DA, & lawyers are a friggin joke!

479 days ago


The owner of Mr Pink is a Chinese billionaire who paid MJ's kids almost 1 million to advertise his energy drink. The woman wearing pink is Mr Pink's lover, and the image of Mr Pink. She is a Romanian gold digger who has a very bad reputation in her country. She started as a prostitute when she was 14. She is money obsessed, she married a rich old man when she was 18, then she abandoned him and her daughter, for Mr Pink's money. She holds Blanket's hand by force, desperate to get a bit of fame.

479 days ago
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