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Lindsay Lohan

Jail Scares the Crap Out of Me ... So I Chose Rehab

3/19/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It's not a promising sign ... but we've learned Lindsay Lohan did NOT accept the plea deal of 90 days in lockdown rehab because she wants to beat substance abuse -- she chose it because it beats jail.

We broke the story ... prosecutors have offered Lindsay the 90-day lockdown rehab deal for weeks, but she consistently rejected it. Her change of heart came at the last minute -- 30,000 feet in the air as she belatedly flew to L.A. for her trial.

Lindsay is telling friends she actually likes the rehab option, because it will allow her to focus on herself without any distractions.

Here's the problem. Lindsay is still saying -- ADAMANTLY -- she does NOT have a substance abuse problem. People in the rehab world say ... it's virtually impossible for anyone in rehab to get better if they don't admit having a problem.

Lindsay has been down this route before, but the rehab experience has never stuck.


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How many more chance's will she be given.

If she was a male she would have been in jail a long time ago.

553 days ago


The Judge knew due to overcrowding that if Lindsay was sent to jail she would be out in a couple of hours or a day or two. BUT if he gave her 90 days lockdown rehab than she has to serve the whole time. He also knows that she can't stay clean for the 45 days while looking for a rehab. That is why he said if she screwed up just once she will get 60 days in jail and will have to serve the whole time without getting out early because of overcrowding. No wiggle room for this worm. She will go to jail this time mark my words.

553 days ago



553 days ago


hey motto? and monkeys might fly out of her butt!

553 days ago


Knowing how fried her brain is now, since she has nothing to do but sit around, if she started rethinking her decision about taking rehab, could she decide she'll just go out and get arrested and do jail to get everything off her plate? Or would she then be on probation, etc? Jail would have been so much easier.

553 days ago


@friefly...Sautner knew the same thing and gave Lohan more terms to her probation.

So should Lohan screw up and she will she has 180 days in jail. So the people who think she got off easy is wrong. She'll end up in jail and it wont be for just a 3 hour mugshot.

This judge is not screwing around. Lohan is under the microscope.

553 days ago


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: rehab is a complete waste of time for this stupid little whore. She's delusional & thinks she doesn't have a problem, which is why she's been in rehab 7x already & always goes back to booze & drugs. What makes me angry is, why are they giving her the choice? She continues to shoot the middle finger towards the justice system, time after time, and she keeps getting chances which she doesn't respect.

What this stupid arrogant entitled bitch needs is a puntative sentence that's so horrifying that she walks the straight & narrow to avoid going back. Lockdown rehab ain't gonna do it (she was locked down last time, and she split to go out drinking); she needs jail for a long period of time. She needs to be beaten up & intimidated by general population chicks; scared straight is the only thing that will work on this dumbass. Anything else is a complete waste of time...

553 days ago


Lindsay should have the crap scared out of her. maybe it could turn her life around. It all won't be so rosey for her. At home rehab will again be a waste of time. She always seems to get her way and that is the problem. Court system is failing her and it is a shame she can get away with it,

553 days ago


@Vinsetta...I put out there if there are any takers that Lohan will screw up before rehab starts.

I don't think so. She would still have probation or parolle. Her record will never be clean. Hell she's been on probation since 2007 and now another 2 years added.

Beatuy of it is is that Lohan has to pay for all this out of her own pocket. Nothing on the taxpayers.

Let's see how good a friend Mr. Pink is. Rehab alone is like 60k or more. She said her shrink is 300 per hr. 18 months of that well what she said in L.A. shrink was.

They haven't come up with the restitutation fee for James the driver yet. All the court costs fees and fines. It's going to add up nicely. Thats only legal.

Wait till the civil suites come in.

553 days ago


@Vinsetta...Judge made that clear she will go to jail. Ms. Lohan do you understand.

She is so damn lucky Holley got the neckless pled down to a misdeamnor. That's what she's been skating on all this time. It's only misdeamnor violations.

553 days ago


I think her next problem is that even a rehab won't take her after what she pulled in Betty Ford.

553 days ago


You know if any of us regular people had done any of the stuff that Lindsay has done we would be in jail for a long time. I guess it pays to be semi famous...

553 days ago

Tell It Like It Is    

Lindsey is a total waste of living space. She cannot be saved.She already looks like a crack who%#,she has no talent and is a poor excuse of life. She belongs in the trash burried in Detroit somewhere,.

553 days ago


Who are these folks with this info about Lindsay? Stop reporting this stuff. Seems like stalking to me.

553 days ago


they outta throwher butt in jail, she's nothing more then a repeat offender, abusing the system, with her drunken, drug, DUIs, she is clearly a mess, and continuous to buy her way out of jail...If this was just regular citicizen they would be in jail period. she need some scared straight jail time, and intensive counseling In house. Shes a poor role model.

553 days ago
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