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Donald Trump

Anthony Weiner's a

Sick Pervert Whack Job

3/20/2013 5:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We may be reading too much into this ... but Donald Trump does not seem to like Anthony Weiner much ... because he's calling the ex-hibitionist ex-congressman a "sick pervert" and a "whack job."

Trump lobbed his latest grenade at the Conservative Political Action Conference 2013. Donald -- always the realist -- seems to think Weiner's rumored run for NYC mayor may not be affected by the lurid pics on Twitter.

So the real question ... if Weiner runs, will Donald challenge him? He answers.


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Mackenzie Wood    

What's that saying, The Pot calling the Kettle Black

560 days ago


I'd rather be a sick, pervert whack job than be a heartless, racist, elitist, right wing narcissist like this @sshole. Eat a d!ck Trump. Go buy another sh!tty wig and find a new gold digging tramp to bone.

560 days ago


Trump appears to be a half demented, pompous, overbearing bloviator...We are not his employees and we do not have to listen to him.

560 days ago


Why would someone like Donald Trump, supposedly an upstanding person, even comment on this? I guess it follows along with him totally destroyed any self respect when he sold himself to television.

560 days ago


Trump is such a joke! He embarrasses himself on a daily basis!

560 days ago

U.S. Anti-Drug Think Tank     

Lay off Trump, you losers. Yo fat Mama don't like you. Yo ugly wyfe make mo money than you do. Donald is my dawg. Hey Trump, ask Obummer for his baptism certificate. If he was baptized, he got one, ipso facto. Every baptized Christian gots one. If he don't got it, no problem, his Chicago gangsta thugs can invent it. Obummers will believe it. Jack Welch said it. These losers can kiss it.

560 days ago


Trump is correct, wiener is a degenerate.

560 days ago

Buck Boy    

I love Weiner. Is he a jew?

560 days ago


Hi ulm ak the great leader yea he had torture chambers, do you know my skyscrapers in new york what if they throw you out of one my ****ing buildings ;you ****ing crazy series maybe not dubbles, it is so funny.

560 days ago


im sorry all u trump haters but that was hilarious! Nobody was expecting that candid response so the room just erupted in laughter. it was very awesome indeed. love trumps honesty. He doesnt care and says exactly what he thinks. refreshing."hes a sick pervert" lolol

560 days ago


I wish Trump would run for President, the guy is not only a tough dude but he is entertaining, Trump in the White House would be great after suffering through 8 long years with BO. How's all that hope and change working out for all those that voted for BO? If you are lucky enough to still have a job, did you get all that free health care that was promised? Do you enjoy paying these high gas and food prices? Yes at least Trump has real business experience where BO had none. Above all Trump is proud of his country where BO trashes his country.

559 days ago


why they never record that or you pass me those recordings in hd as you said. I want to se him and the others die., oh i made the skyscrapers, sorry donkies.

559 days ago


you can blow it up by the way.

559 days ago


Donald trump is a d o u c h e b a g!!

559 days ago


blouw it up with new jersey,oh look this is a ****ing jersey.

559 days ago
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