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Lindsay Lohan

Lockdown Rehab

Doesn't Exist

3/25/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0324_lindsay_lohan_gettyLindsay Lohan struck a plea deal she CANNOT fulfill, because TMZ has learned ... the lockdown rehab she promised to do is a fiction.

Fact is ... there appears to be no non-jail rehab facilities that will keep patients in against their will -- anywhere in the U.S..

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller, represented to prosecutors he could get his client into a 90-day lockdown rehab center in NYC. As we reported, there are no private NY rehab centers that keep patients against their will, except for one connected with the prison system, and you have to have a felony record to get in -- and Lindsay doesn't.

We also checked to see if Lindsay could complete her 90-day lockdown rehab in CA, but there isn't a single non-jail lockdown rehab facility in the State.

Rehab guru Dr. Drew tells TMZ, "There is no rehab that will hold you against your will, unless they feel the person is a suicide risk, and in that case they can hold the individual for 72 hours."

Here's the BIG problem. Lindsay's actual sentence is 90 days in jail, but the judge said he'd allow her to complete it with lockdown rehab. Sources say the prosecutors believed such a facility was available when they offered the plea deal. 

It would seem a typical 90-day rehab program wouldn't cut it.  Lindsay has been there at least twice before. She constantly snuck out of Cirque Lodge in Utah and allegedly did the same thing at Betty Ford in California.

On top of that, Lindsay continues to drink, as recently as Friday.

We're told prosecutors are reevaluating the plea deal to determine what they want to do.  Sources say the jail option is still on the table.



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If she doesn't clean up she dies..Nice to see how her fans don't want to see that..

they seem to like her missing appoinments, always sick,looking dirty, and in debt..

Dec.15th was my Death Pool for her..But I see eager beaver lohan is a over achiever and I will lose the pool

488 days ago


Lielo is batting 100% for the last 6 years..another flop of a Movie..

Inappropriate non-comedy" is estimated to end up in the HOLE in the Millions..

If they removed Lindsay people would have gone and seen it...

Just like Liz and dick, they are pulling the plug early..

488 days ago


Why Mikey is stuck recycle and recycling the same old shyt Radar just came up with this little diddy......LOL......

Lindsay Lohan’s former assistant, Gavin Doyle, is scheduled to be interviewed by prosecutors on Monday regarding allegations of witness tampering, is exclusively reporting.

“After blowing off his meeting with Los Angeles City Attorney, Terry White, last week, Gavin Doyle is scheduled to meet with him on Monday,” a source tells us exclusively.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan’s Mugshot Hall Of Fame

“The prosecutor is looking into allegations that Lohan’s attorney, Mark Heller, wanted Gavin to say that the car accident last summer, in which Lindsay was behind the wheel, was actually his fault. Heller allegedly told Gavin to say that photographers were chasing the duo en route to the Liz & Dick set, and he grabbed the steering wheel, causing her to crash into the cement truck driver.

“White is taking this very seriously. Heller and Doyle allegedly had the conversation in New York, and White will be turning over his findings to the New York State Bar Association, and other law enforcement, if necessary.”

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Have Done Jail Time

The source said Doyle was the passenger in Lohan’s Porsche last summer when she crashed into a truck in Santa Monica, CA. He had been fully cooperating with prosecutors, and he was expected to be a key witness at the trial, had it proceeded.

As we previously reported, the 26-year-old actress struck a plea deal in the case last Monday, which will send her to rehab for 90 days and prevent the need for a trial.

488 days ago


This is getting ridiculous. How can the Judge NOT know there's no such thing as lock-down rehab?
As much as we bitch and moan about TMZ recycling Lilo stories, they are still getting huge number of hits and comments!! Lilo is my addiction and I too need to throw out the computer and go to lock-down rehab with no internet!!

488 days ago


If she goes away who will feed the pets??

Gavin gets hungry

488 days ago


The above pix shows she is a genuine ZOMBIE.

488 days ago


Now if they wanted to do a real story, how about the financial flop (with reviews worse than Liz&Dick) of Ms. Lohan's InAPPropriate Comedy. Worse than everyone's expectations and just another nail in the coffin.

488 days ago


She needs to do the full 90 days in jail, no out for overcrowding bs.

488 days ago


A few years ago, the New York Times ran an article on how celebrities -- most notably, the Lohans -- broker deals with TMZ, Radaronline, etc. For little ol' naive me, it was an eyeopener.

488 days ago

judy jetson    

The judge must be a moron. You would think he would have checked to make sure a locked down rehab excisted before he passed sentence. I hope Dr. Drew isn't gonna try to help Lindsay. The last 5 people he tried to help on his show died shortly after.

488 days ago


Lindsay Lohan

1) It wasn't a nightclub - 41 Ocean is a members only dining club...and a private event 2) It WAS Pellegrino! and 3) the most important part - the band City of the Sun did any amazing job last night! I took this video for you guys to see ♥ LL


488 days ago


This loser white trash gets away with it everytime...learn how to behave when your out in public

488 days ago


are you still on this stupid non story. it doesn't have to be lockdown and the prosecutors know this. nothing by trying to make a hype story again.

“It doesn't have to be locked like a correctional facility. It doesn’t have to be that hard-core. But it has to be a place where if she leaves, they notify us,” Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White told the Daily News on Tuesday.

488 days ago



The team at Anger Management (at the urging of Charlie Sheen) has hired untalented, semi skilled actress Lindsay Lohan as a regular, playing a character like South Park’s Kenny. She croaks at the end of every episode.

In a major statement against untreated addiction, Lindsay will play Suuka Baalz, a beach bimbo crakho who discovers death by misadventure: bad dope, riptides, fall from balcony, ripping off record kingpins, rape by sperm whale, Porsche crash into school bus, champagne glass cutting, clam slamming, choking on knockwurst, reverse matricide, falls into dry cleaning bag, drowns in tub, impaled on Malibu security fence, etc. The end of her first season (spoiler alert!) will be a law enforcement beat down…

The Network is so impressed by the possibilities they have signed her to 120 episodes or until she croaks for real, whichever kums first, eh? And they have assigned her two full time paparazzi just in case she dies on the way to work.

Lindsay croaked “This is like a dream kum true! No more rest room tricks for me! I can get as loaded as I want!” The Producer handed her a pink bag as a reward for making her press conference announcement; then said “Lindsay! Kneel! Unzip!”

488 days ago

lindsay lo-whocares    

another lohan post. why is TMZ so obsessed? do ppl really care? let her carry on with whatever she is doing, no one gives a ****

488 days ago
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