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Baltimore Ravens Star

Stands Strong On Prop 8

3/26/2013 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Baltimore Ravens
star Brendon Ayanbadejo was in D.C. for the Supreme Court arguments over Prop 8, but he thinks the NFL can be as effective as any law in changing hearts and minds.

Brendon is pushing his league to become a pivotal platform against homophobia.

And, by the way, our photog asked Brendon if his opponents might view him as "soft" for supporting the LGBT community. He got a laugh out of that.

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jasmine lake    

thank you brendon you make the the LGBT community proud i'm a proud lesbian and **** all of you if you don't like it the only reason you're hating is cause you're unhappy that you're partner lest you for the same sex haha the joke is on you if straight people can vote on gay rights than gay people should be able to vote on you're rights plan and simple

555 days ago


Since when did making a scriptural stand against what the Bible CLEARLY states is wrong dubbed homophobic? No matter how "trendy" or "vogue" gay marriage is right now, His plans and purpose will be established. Nothing ANY of us say or do will change that.

555 days ago


Everybody knows he's a sissy. Why don't he just come out and say so?

555 days ago


im proud to be called a bigot.see what gays and gay supporters dont get is just because one does not support gay marriage or the gay lifestyle choice.it does not mean that person hates gays.its like having a family memeber who is a drug addict.you can hate what they do but not hate them as a person.but the gays and gay supporters cant think like that.its you are either in favor of us or you hate us as humans.narrow minded bullying if you ask me

555 days ago


I do believe being gay or gay marriage is right. That is because I my Christian belief, but at the same time I do not believe people have a right to judge either. Only God has the right to judge not man. So people live and let live.. We can all get along straight, gay, or whatever...

555 days ago

Mark in CA    

We hetero's truly ACCEPT our GLBT community as friends, co-workers and neighbors. As hetero's we can have sex and produce babies, you don't ACCEPT that and want that too via adoptions. As hetero's we have this little word "married" that defines what we do when we join together as man and woman, you dont ACCEPT that and want it too. It seems your community hasn't ACCEPTED who you are, do that first before you get all butt hurt about redefining OUR word. Civil Unions is a fine word(s) and will get you the legal protection you want if in a committed relationship. End of story...

555 days ago


i blame nicki minaj this butch made people think that being gay is a trend and cute

555 days ago


Ever heard "damed if you do, damed if you don't"? Opinions are like a butthole everybody has one... Mines not exactly like yours... Who made you judge to say yours is better?? Same concept!!

555 days ago


Good... good, let the hatered consume your pathetic lives and continue to keep you miserable!!!!

555 days ago


TMZ & It's Pro Gay Crap Again

Good God Harvey

You And Most Of Your Staff May
Be "Rump Rangers" But Outside
Of Hollyweird Most Of The World
Think Homosexually Is Disgusting
Quit Promoting Your Gay Agenda

You Will Never Turn Us Gay
Boobs Rule Not Some Guys Smelly Ass.

GAY Is Not OK!

Q. Whats The Worse Thing About Dieing From AIDS?

A. Leaving Your Friends Behind.

555 days ago


for starters........where are the powers of Hollywood, entertainment fashion, Broadway, finance industry individual stars speaking up?????????....shameful silence.

555 days ago


Who the hell cares, I'm not taking it up the rear so let em get married so my kids don't have to see this circus on tv.. Damn flaming attention whores always gotta have the spotlight

555 days ago


Get married just font raise kids

555 days ago


How Wonderful,

To See The TMZ Fans
Are So Full Of Fudge
Packers, Who Act
Like If You're Not
Gay Something
Must Be Wrong
With You If You
Don't Approve
Of The {Perverted}
Gay Lifestyle.

Thank God They
Can't Reproduce

Gay Is Not OK!

Now Go Stick A
Foreign Object Up
Your Rectum & Tell
Us How Good It Makes
You Feel.

555 days ago


Another Mante Teo.

555 days ago
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