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Kim Kardashian

Baby Bulging at the Seams

3/26/2013 2:40 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0326_kim_kardashian_SplashGettyMom jeans and stretch pants be damned, because Kim Kardashian isn't letting a little thing like carrying an unborn child to term stop her from wearing skin tight uncomfortable leather maternity dresses.

By the grace of God, the 32-year-old mom-to-be somehow managed to stay upright in a pair of sky high stiletto heels and successfully wedge all of her childbearing hips, ass and thighs into a form fitting mustard yellow sheath while maneuvering through the streets of NYC on Tuesday.

Pregnancy can be so constricting.


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A lil Crisco (fat in the can)

543 days ago


hey kim, they do make maternity clothes that are more flattering. time to drop the tight clothes and get comfy

543 days ago


I just looked again after puking.....N A S T Y !!!!!

543 days ago


Christ on a cracker! By the time she is 9 months along, she is going to look like Octomom!

She's the Fred Sanford of pregnant women. She's got everyone's junk in that trunk.

543 days ago


When is this self-obsessed bitch going to realize she can't wear leather or pencil skirts/dresses - pregnant or not! Wrong color, wrong jacket, wrong fabric. There are pics of her out there with side views, and sorry, but she's gained a ton of weight in her legs, stomach, asz, face and arms. Just sayin ...

543 days ago

Wow ...    

What the heck is WRONG with this chick? Ok, besides everything...why does she refuse to dress for her curves, whether it be baby or fat, girl needs a fitting! Who in the world would want to wear her style? Let alone buy her clothes? All other designers really ought to think twice before sending Kim a dress, she isn't making anything look good. js.

543 days ago


Kimmy....Com'on....You're about to become a Mother. It's time to grow up. Put the tight clothes away and focus on what's right, for a change!

I feel bad for that little one.

543 days ago


Have some dignity. What a cow.

543 days ago


Kim, please hire a stylist! If you have one, fire them and get a new one. You are preggers, where something thats more stylish and reasonably appropriate for a pregnant lady. The heels are not doing you or that baby any good. Ive had 3..At some point you'll cry uncle. You have the money!!

543 days ago


At least now she has balance, same amount of weight front and back.

543 days ago


Does she own a mirror? OMG!!! Get a clue woman!

543 days ago


Kim, please put on something that fits. OMG, how disturbing. Who is doing your styling for you?? Fire who ever it is cause ya look like ****.

543 days ago

William Kramer    

you ugly fat ****

543 days ago


She spends more time whining and complaining about being pregnant--it's always "me-me-me I-I-I" She thopught she could "control" how her body changed. If she just "embraced" this pregnancy, she's got the funds to find someone to help her dress stylishly while pregnant. Look around, Kim, many women have done so, including celebrities.

543 days ago


That is just NASTY!! With all her money one would think she could buy some of super cute flattering maternity clothes. If she thinks she is proving that she hasnt gained weight by wearing skin tight otufits she is WRONG. She nees to wear something in her size for once. Surprised the baby hasnt suffocated yet. She is FAT not fit and needs to learn how to dress! And cut off those straggly extensions. Good God what a disgusting mess. Looks like she is covered in diarreah!!!!

543 days ago
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