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Justin Bieber

Restrained by Bodyguard

In 'Spit' Fight

3/28/2013 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
was so out of control during his altercation with a neighbor Tuesday ... he had to be restrained by his bodyguard ... this according to the neighbor's account to cops.

We broke the story ... the neighbor claims Justin spit in his face and threatened to kill him after he complained that the singer was driving his Ferrari at around 100 mph in the gated community.

We've now learned ... the neighbor told L.A. County Sheriff's deputies ... Bieber wasn't done after hocking the loogie ... he was lunging at the 47-year-old man and the bodyguard had to restrain him.  It's interesting ... because earlier this month a bodyguard had to restrain Bieber from attacking a rude photog in London.

Our Bieber sources say the singer insists he did not spit or attack the guy ... but as we reported, a landscaper directly across the street from Bieber's home says he saw the singer spit.


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Further he is not American he can be deported

577 days ago


Can someone please tell me how Justin did this in his California neighborhood if he's currently touring in EUROPE?

577 days ago


Send this jerk back to Canada!!

577 days ago


There are so many Baby boomer seniors that would use JB to wipe up the floor. They know how to fight and win. Never under estimate a older guy. It's a good thing he has a body guard not to protect him from the public but to protect others from Justin. Someone needs anger management as soon as possible. I never thought that cute little guy would grow up to be a train wreck so soon.

577 days ago


Holding the boy back so he doesn't get what he is asking for must be in the bodyguard's job description.

577 days ago


He was quite well-behaved until a couple of months ago... lately, though, he's acting like a complete douche. I wonder what's going on. Time will tell...and TMZ.

577 days ago


One day he will run his mouth, spit on someone or threaten someone when his bodyguard is now within an arms reach and he will get his ass beat bad. Or he will screw with the wrong person and his bodyguard will get his ass beaten first then the person will beat Beibs ass. Hell Lindsay Lohan could kick the crap out of him.

Anyone can talk trash if they have a few hundred pounds of muscle backing them up.

His battleship mouth is going to over load his canoe a$$

577 days ago


As a proud Canadian, I have read the many posts from you guys on here suggesting Bieber be deported. To that I have this reply:


He gives us Canucks a bad name as it is. I'm so sick of hearing about this little thug wannabe. Just ONCE I'd like to see the bodyguards let him loose so he can have his a$$ handed to him. Let's see him autotune his way out of that one!!!

577 days ago


little man JB is gonna get into an altercation with the wrong person one day and will get his ass beaten if he's not careful. I bet he pulls a Lilo and gets off. Another waste of life brought to you by good old Hollywood. the land of the stupid and useless.

577 days ago


He is a punk. I wish the bodyguard would let him go. He acts like that because he has someone there to fight his battles.

577 days ago



577 days ago

Kev the Realist    

The 19 year old is hardly a role model. he is just stupid. His career is crumbling and if he continues to act like a complete A$$hole he is going to end up in court and possibly in jail. Money cannot buy you class and his image as a role model for anyone is heading down the crapper fast.

577 days ago


he's a pipsqueak.. and his time is coming. he is rude and he knows nothing about life and people. someday he will learn the hard way, he's gonna be rude to the wrong person and he's gonna regret it. he may have to learn the hard way , he is a brat and he spit at a human being like they were nothing. but we all have value justin and you are no more valuable than anyone else. you caused this problem by speeding and you had no reason to spit at anyone . you need to grow up and act like man not a thug.

577 days ago

Pet peeves    

Well so far, the bodyguard has kept the little prick from getting his a$$ kicked twice by my count...

577 days ago


Originally, TMZ reported it was because Bieber had friends at his house partying loudly while Bieber was out of town.... now it's he was driving too fast in the nborhood. Whatssssssup

577 days ago
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