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Justin Bieber

Hey Lil Buddies ...

Mi Casa Su Casa!!!

3/31/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0329_bieber_twist_kev_house_articleJustin Bieber may be a lousy neighbor, but he's an awesome friend ... especially if you don't have a place to crash and want to throw dozens of parties with hot chicks.

We've learned Justin has allowed 3 of his close friends to live in his Calabasas estate full-time -- Lil Twist, Kevin Pederson (aka King Kevi) and a third who wants to remain anonymous. 

The trio lives there rent free, and they get a security guard to boot, even when Justin's away.  They're also allowed to tool around in Justin's sweet rides.

We've learned the party animal is King Kevi, who has lived in the house for a month and has thrown 30 parties of varying sizes.  The guest list is always lopsided, with way more chicks than dudes.

And, we're told, the dreaded sizzurp has turned up pretty regularly at the soirees, although they've scaled back since the whole Lil Wayne thing.


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Well, yeah, and that probably includes his agent/management cus if he makes 50 million us what are they pulling in? They gotta know he has a end run and thdyre pulling if in hand over fist til then

580 days ago


The sad thing is I bet they laugh about him behind his back. If these are true friends, then I'm Mary, Queen of Scots. Wake up you idiot before they ruin everything you own. Y

580 days ago


Of course they do! Laff their ASSES OFF about wht a dumb mo fo he IS. gawd. You would think his own mom would speak up

580 days ago


Either he has watched one too many episodes of Entourage or I wouldn't call them friends as much as I would call them kept men. There is always a price, maybe they work it out in bedroom favors....

580 days ago


bieber's house of thugs

580 days ago


Fair weather friends. We've all had them or have been them. When JB loses everything, they won't be around for long.

580 days ago


Can the U.S. deport undesirable aliens in spite of how much money they have?
He is not a citizen, toss this misfit problem out!

580 days ago


It's the nicest looking crack den I've even seen.

580 days ago


I'm not a fan of his but I will say that he is getting played for a foul. That is classic hood playing right here. You are large and then start to hang with people that you wouldn't normally hang out with because they seem cool. Once things start to die out, those so called friends leave. I have not heard an album, song, or anything from these so called friends. They are using him and he is to blind to see it. My issue is where are the parents in all of this?! If my kid was famous, I would see that his so called friends were playing him, and trust me, they would not be in his home or driving his cars. And where are his friends parents at? They probably are all mooching off of Justin!

580 days ago


these so called 'buddies' think all their dreams have come true.

580 days ago


buddies pay no rent, free food, use of expensive cars

580 days ago


rly? these guys r not friends their users. they use him to live rent free and use his cars. i mean who the f is lil twist? hes just using his pretty cars and all his crap...i bet doesnt even have a job. just some broke loser. hopefully (tho im not a fan of jb) justin will find that his real friends are not users. this lil twist is going to get him into even more s....t. then ever!

580 days ago


And when someone od's or something else equally as bad happens, Justin will be held responsible also. It is his house and what happens there is partly his responsibility because he is allowing these people to be there. I won't call them friends.

580 days ago


wake up justin, they are usin you

580 days ago


cops are called to nearly everything these so called buddies do, smokin weed in his house, drivin his cars and gettin into trouble, dumb dumb dumb they are not his buddies

580 days ago
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