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Justin Bieber

Hey Lil Buddies ...

Mi Casa Su Casa!!!

3/31/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0329_bieber_twist_kev_house_articleJustin Bieber may be a lousy neighbor, but he's an awesome friend ... especially if you don't have a place to crash and want to throw dozens of parties with hot chicks.

We've learned Justin has allowed 3 of his close friends to live in his Calabasas estate full-time -- Lil Twist, Kevin Pederson (aka King Kevi) and a third who wants to remain anonymous. 

The trio lives there rent free, and they get a security guard to boot, even when Justin's away.  They're also allowed to tool around in Justin's sweet rides.

We've learned the party animal is King Kevi, who has lived in the house for a month and has thrown 30 parties of varying sizes.  The guest list is always lopsided, with way more chicks than dudes.

And, we're told, the dreaded sizzurp has turned up pretty regularly at the soirees, although they've scaled back since the whole Lil Wayne thing.


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TMZ- wassup with this story?

580 days ago


Like these kids are Justin's real friends. They use him for his status and wealth. Can you imagine how many white bitches lil twist has got just from inviting girls back to Justin's place to party?

580 days ago


Justin, you are an even bigger fool than what I first thought.

Kick the lil douches out & get your life together.

580 days ago


We need more news

580 days ago


These aren't friends. These are moochers. If Justin worked at McDonald's, you think Lil Twist would give him the time of day? It's time for Justin to wake up.

580 days ago


Kick them out and give the money you save to charity. Look to people like Bill Gates for the right way to use exorbitant wealth.

580 days ago


WAKE UP IDIOT..........THEY'RE USING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....I bet they're sitting around Justin's pool, smoking pot and getting drunk with a bunch of ladies and laughing at how much of a SUCKA Justin is.

580 days ago

The Real JJ    

What great friends. Party and wreck your crib and car and stick you with the bills. What a duma$$. They're going to do it as long as he lets them.

580 days ago

BB not bb    

Bad company corrpsts good morals. It is right in the Bible. I thought he was a Christian. He needs to throw these bums, freeloaders, and moochers out of his house. He is trying to look cool to impress Selena, but he is just looking the fool by allowing these criminals to take over his life.

I feel bad for him. I think his heart is broken. He needs to get over Selena and her ego and just find a girl who likes him for who he is. There are plenty of them at his shows. He didn't have to try to look like a thug or look street cool to impress them.

He doesn't want to live that life. He doesn't want to end up in jail getting a rep. He needs to just stop this charade and go back to his old life.

580 days ago

(◉_◉) Brush Your Teeth (◉_◉)    

Circle Jerk!

580 days ago


This fool (Bieber) is being a dumbass... He don't see that his so called friends are using him... He's trying to be cool but he's not... Looking like a bitch...

580 days ago


U can't buy friendship.
When the perks end, hasta la vista bud!

580 days ago


Is he so desperate to make friends that he actually allow these east LA homies to be buddies???? I mean look at these faces you already sense troubles and ghettoness, oh he's from Canada that's why he cant tell the differences me never mind, party hard die young go JB go go go!!!!!!!!!!

580 days ago


Idiot ! Im not a fan of gis music OR him , but how sad rgat he works had to have all the money for others to enjoy! And it's not even his family

580 days ago


Everyone I agree those back stabbing Lil Bitches suck! He needs to toss their ugly asses out, he working too hard for the wrong people! Unfortunately they use his "Ex" as a "excuse" for being LAZY BUMBS in the first place.

580 days ago
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