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'Buckwild' City Mayor

Cancel the Show

4/1/2013 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Mayor of Charleston, West Virginia -- where "Buckwild" is filmed -- says he hopes MTV will pull the plug on the controversial show after one of its stars, Shain Gandee, was found dead today.

Mayor Danny Jones tells TMZ ... “Of the few cast members on the show already two have had legal issues and now one has died.  The show only enhances the negative stereotype the Kanawha Valley already has. I hope the show’s life is short.”

The show has been surrounded by controversy from the beginning ... you'll recall, back in December WV Senator Joe Manchin blasted the show as a "travesty" that profits off of shameful behavior and urged MTV to cancel it even before it aired.  

Adding to the problem ... two "Buckwild" cast members were recently arrested for separate incidents -- Salwa Amin and Michael Burford. Amin in connection with a drug raid and Burford on suspicion of DUI.

As TMZ previously reported ... 21-year-old cast member Shain Gandee was found dead earlier this morning -- along with his uncle and one unidentified passenger -- inside a Ford Bronco, in Sissonville, WV.


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Mtv, never shows kids that have any positive influences. Their shows are horrible. But, i bet they wish they were there to film the death.

568 days ago


Wow. What absolute insensitive, POOR taste! I hope that overly-groomed reject politician is voted out of office ASAP! To take this event to champion his cause AS Shain's family, friends, and fans grieve is repulsive. He's one of several West Virginian politicians who have been doing everything in their power to get "Buckwild" off the air since it premiered. They may have a point, they may not. I'm not here to debate what's best for the people of WV. What has PISSED me off so much is the fact that he can't hold his CRUEL tongue for 1 day before he starts pushing his agenda. You know, everyone has called Shain Gandee the "unofficial mayor" of Sissonville, WV. I think this douche was just afraid that Shain might actually take his job. What a sorry, skank. You should be ashamed of yourself.

568 days ago

Allen in WV    

So many people want the show cancelled. Heres an idea... change the damn channel if you dont like whats on! We all know MTV should be called reality tv.

568 days ago

Stephen Stewart    

Elected officials should speak for the public not themselves. Fire this ******* he doesnt represent Sissonville.

568 days ago


White trash on food stamps

568 days ago


Darwinism at work.

568 days ago


I agree...cancel this piece of sh!t......whats tv coming to........just trash.......and whats sad is most people eat that sh!t up!

568 days ago


The show will go on. I predict MTV places a camera in the coffin.

568 days ago


Uhh cant he just pull their permit to film there? lol

568 days ago


Fire that a$$hole. Always politicians wanting to speak for everyone when actually its only THEMSELVES that feel like that. If u dont like the show well then JUST DONT WATCH IT!

568 days ago


Sen. Manchin inadvertently gave the show a lot of publicity by calling for its ban. As for this tragedy, it wasn't really caused by the show --- he probably mudbogged before MTV, and if he weren't on TV this would just be a tragic local story. I never saw the show and have no interest in it, but the show didn't cause these deaths.

568 days ago


MTV just needs to bring back the "M"..MUSIC ..and we wouldn't have all these garbage shows making idiots famous for nothing..its really helping with the "dumbing down of America" ..thats for sure...

568 days ago


Shain would want you to continue the show.. May he rest in peace!

568 days ago


US Soldier SGT Michael Cable was killed today in Afghanistan. Yet, all I see is people mourning the loss of some drunk hillbilly.

568 days ago


This guy should mind his business and do his job. What is & is not on tv should not be his concern. As always if you don't want to watch it change the channel. Don't tell me what I can or can't watch. So arrogant.

568 days ago
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