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Richie Sambora

Bails on Bon Jovi

Jon Treats Him Like Crap

4/3/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Richie Sambora
is bailing on the Bon Jovi world tour because of "personal issues," but it has NOTHING to do with substance abuse ... it's all about a war that's exploded between Jon and Richie.

Sources directly connected to Bon Jovi tell TMZ ... tensions between Jon and Richie have been running high for years and it's finally erupted. One source tells us, "It's a classic Jagger/Richards blowup."

Our sources say part of the problem is that Jon constantly belittles Richie. But there's another part of the problem -- they're fighting over money.

Richie was a no-show at a Bon Jovi concert in Calgary last night, and yesterday he posted on the Bon Jovi website that he was pulling out because of "personal issues."

During the Calgary concert, Jon told the crowd, "I had two choices: pack up and go home or give you everything I got ... Richie Sambora won't be performing for a while. If there's ever a night I need you, it's tonight, Calgary!"

In the meantime, Richie's been spending personal time with his daughter -- the two were on vacation in Hawaii last week. We're told it was an 11-day trip filled with zip-lining, hikes, paddle boarding, and chilling at the pool.


Richie has had alcohol issues in the past, but we're told in no uncertain terms ... Richie is clean now.

Sources close to the band tell TMZ ... Sambora's camp is hopeful the two sides can work things out before April 19, when Bon Jovi is set to play in L.A. -- Richie's hometown.



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I think if there is a problem, it is not caused by Jon, he is the glue that has held that band together. Love
you Jon for staying there for the concerts, you could sell out the house all by yourself. Bon Jovi Rules

536 days ago


Mr Denton, I wuld like to know what band you are in & how much you have made???

536 days ago


That really sucks. I always figured Jon and Ritchie for a team that was above the industry's usual bull****

536 days ago


Saw them in 2011 without Richie. Never missed him

535 days ago


Jon has always been a c**t to Richie!
Good on ya Rich let the prick get on with it!
Your the talented one anyway! :) x #RichieSamborafanclub

535 days ago


Despite the speculation of the "personal issues", Sambora is a major player in the group. They are a team and he is part of the chemistry that makes the band great. Not only is he a great guitarist, he is gorgeous. American Idol thought noone would miss Paula Abdul, thats when American Idol started losing viewers.

535 days ago


Well, since Jon treats everyone in HIS band as part of the "Brand" (his own words folks) then I can certainly believe that Richie got fed up with Jon's pompous ass and bailed and I don't blame. So glad I didn't purchase tickets because the only reason I would go is for Richie's phenomenal guitar work!!

534 days ago


I guess Richie Sambora left the " because we can" tour becase he could!

534 days ago


No Richie bon jovi needs you you and him are a team dont give up on each other and you two want to lose your freind ship over money that is dumb

532 days ago


Richie's hometown is NOT L.A. He may live there now but he's a native of New Jersey.

526 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Guys, I saw Jon on a talk show. Jon was ask about Richie. Jon said he is away on personal problems, but he is still a member of the group.

507 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Here is what Jon said about Rickie.

507 days ago


I am B.S. about the Jon/Richie situation! I have tickets to the July show in Foxboro ma. I love you Richie but you have a commitment to your fans to show up! Sorry just suck it up then do whatever when the tour is over!!! I do not want to see some unknown in your place, you both need to fix this mess!!!!!! I will go to the show but will probably leave before the end. Disgusted & dissapointed in both Jon and Richie!!!!

482 days ago


Here's the deal, enough with the extra members in the band and all the stupid video screens, they need to just get The five guys, no violins singers, extra guitar players etc. put your ripped jeans and jean jackets back on and just put on an old school Bon Jovi concert... Bass , keys , guitars , drums And play the songs like they were created, I mean serious, how many versions on living on a prayer are there anyway. The "back to basics tour". Old school lighting truss and flying out over the audience. Enough with the Neil Diamond wannabe show. ;)

432 days ago

Donna Danica    

my comment is why the main lead vocalist of wasp name blackie lawless ever do a meet and greet at one of his shows here in orange county or l.a. what is he afraid of the fans are out to support at least give them benefit of a doubt to at least do a meet and greet for godsake wake up and smell the coffe blackie

397 days ago
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