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Pregnant Man

Divorce Judge is WRONG

I'm a Real Man!

4/4/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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"Pregnant Man" Thomas Beatie is PISSED after a judge refused to grant him a divorce from his estranged wife -- and tells TMZ he's willing to take the fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

Beatie, a transgender male, is appealing a decision handed down Friday ... when a judge in AZ denied his divorce from Nancy Beatie -- on the grounds the marriage was NEVER legal since Beatie couldn't prove he was a man during their nuptials ... and the state doesn't recognize same-sex marriage.

Beatie tells TMZ he's not giving up the fight, his attorneys are already drafting up the appeal -- and he'll go the Supreme Court if that's what it takes.

He explains, "This is personal. This ruling is an attack on my person, my identity, and my family. It's sad and embarrassing that Judge Gerlach is more focused on wanting to delegitimize my children than legitimize my family."

Beatie continues, "The judge is obviously uncomfortable with me. He has a problem with me having a legal male identity and using my internal organs to start a family."

You'll recall ... the judge made it clear from the beginning​, he had issues with the validity of Beatie's marriage based on the fact that while married he bore the couple's 3 children ... something no man could do. 

But Beatie is adamant, the issue is MUCH bigger than his divorce ... "This is not Beatie versus Beatie. This is the State of AZ versus transgender people, human reproductive rights, and fairness under the law."

FYI -- Beatie was born a woman, but began a sex change in 1997. He married Nancy in 2003 in Hawaii. He filed for divorce in April 2012, claiming Nancy was abusive. Allegations she denied.


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Maybe he needs to get pregnant again.

566 days ago


Because growing a cheesey peachfuzz moustache makes you a real man.

566 days ago


THis is freaky and confusing. A man marrying a woman but then having the couple's children. Who is the father of these kids? Does the birth certificate list a mother and a father? Two mothers?

566 days ago


This is another good reason no state should allow same sex marriage...what a mess!

566 days ago

William Kramer    


566 days ago


I get what he's saying, but I don't get why it's so important for him to be declared "divorced" when I would think that being declared never being married legally in the first place would be he trying to get alimony or benefits from his ex wife??? hmm....HOEVER as far as calling him "the pregnant man"....NO. When a natural born man with all the male parts becomes pregnant and gives birth...I'll call him the first pregnant man...LOL

566 days ago

Timmy Boy    

This is what happens when nobody know what the hell you are.

566 days ago

Timmy Boy    

Hes a real man, and he will get pregnant again to prove it.

566 days ago


I think Thomas is hurting the gay and transgender community more than he could ever help it. Ultimately if this gets brought to the supreme court they will have to re-evaluate what makes you male vs female and it will become harder to legally get your sex changed. If you become a male then you become everything that comes with it including the inability to conceive a child. I don't believe transgender chose to be the opposite sex; but I do believe Thomas chose to become a woman again once he decided to conceive children. Therefore the judge is correct in his decision.

566 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Jus' anothuh mentally ill attention whore FREEK!!!

566 days ago


hey ''thomas'' look down the front of your jeans.
now tell us what gender are you?
btw,the rubber one DOESN'T count.

566 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

Good for the judge. Sorry but men CAN'T give birth to children. Period. If you have some sort of mental disorder that makes you think you have the opposite sex inside you and the only way to ever feel normal is to be surgically altered then you're insane and need help, mentally. It's not a gay or lesbian issue.. it's a mental health issue.

566 days ago


Jesus, stop costing taxpayers money for drawn out drama BS! Move on if you're a real man!

566 days ago


You're not a real man... You're a ****ing bitch!

566 days ago


Looks more manly than Beiber.

566 days ago
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