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Pregnant Kim K.

Getting Her Fill of

Absurd Weight Gain Covers

4/5/2013 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is a 200 lb monster who's shoveling down so much junk food ... she got dumped by Kanye West -- according to some ridiculously creative magazines, anyway.

See, pregnancy can be entertaining! Unless you're Kim.

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No Avatar


Kim is not fat, she's 6 months pregnant. The tabloids are disgusting, they choose the most unflattering pictures and make up stories. I'm sure there are other things they can talk about that a pregnant woman gaining weight.

569 days ago


My wife stares at herself in the mirror for 4 hours everyday , while I tell anyone who listens that I once won a gold medal 37 years ago and my "daughters" make sex tapes with black men only.
Dont criticize please. We are all miserable but it pays the bills....

Take it sleazy,
Bruce Jenner

569 days ago


She's simply a grim j!zz sponge. Do the(thankfully few)people who defend her recall she got famous from a badly filmed self-leaked porno video ??? That's pretty vile.

569 days ago


Bitch is a disgusting narcissictic whore/whale.
As soon as that kid is wrenched from its gigantic gut, she will have the plastic surgeons and lipo doctors in there faster than you can say (Money shot) . Do not tell me that Kourtney is personally going to wrench that poor unfortunate child out of its nether regions? I hope the doctors tell her that she has to have a natural birth with no drugs.

569 days ago


She got huge and Kanye is nowhere insight.

569 days ago


"That's a big bitch!"

569 days ago


It's the ridiculous outfits she wears. That is 95% of the problem.

569 days ago


She hasn't been photographed with Kanye for weeks. It does look like he's dumped her...

569 days ago


To paraphrase Kanye "18 years, bitch got u for 18years and on the 18th birthday found out it wasn't his!! I ain't sayin yous gold digger, but u ain

569 days ago

John Galt    

Shouldn't that headline read, "I'll eat as much black c**k as I want." ?

569 days ago

Fuck Off TMZ    

Maybe she will get depressed and jump off a bridge and into the ocean. Cause a Tsunami somewhere I would imagine....

569 days ago


She doesn't care what the headline says as long as she's on the cover.

569 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Kim Kardashian isn't really pregnant. She's just following Beyonce's book of faking it.

569 days ago


Kardashians cons and greed knows no bounds. Doesn't matter who or what is used.

Still like Humphries. It's been Kim Kardashian doing all the stalling. Why?

How the hell does a 32 year old woman get pregnant other than intentionally. There was no oops.

Kardashian hasn't stoped using 'pregnancy' is splashed all over. Nothing but money and still no class. Baby con/grifter in the making. Money.

Kardashian has used her 'pregnancy' nonstop to make money. So much for that was not going to happen. Yeah right.

If down the road does't work out it will Humphries fault. Poor little kimmy was stressed, sure she was.

569 days ago


Very cruel comments here.Everyone judges her but fails to consider that at the end of the day,she has feelings like everyone else.She is pregnant,she can wear whag she wants and eat what she wants its a free f#@kng country!bunch of damn haters! Truth is,she is richer than most of u will ever be and if that stings u than maybe u need to criticize ur damn self! Nobody here is her maker or her judge so evaluate ur standing with God and have some respect.

569 days ago
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