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Kordell Stewart

Porsha Parties All Night

and Neglects My Son

4/7/2013 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0404_porscha_kordel_stewart_gettyPorsha Williams likes to stay out partying 'til the break o' dawn, and then call police to get her into the house she shares with estranged husband Kordell Stewart -- this according to new documents.

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Porsha fired the first shot ... filing a motion that claimed Kordell was locking her out of the house -- and bringing another woman into the home.

But in his response Kordell claims he only locks the house at night for security purposes. He claims the real problem is Porsha frequently leaves home for several days straight ... and sometimes comes back between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM smelling like alcohol.

As we previously reported ... Kordell filed for divorce last month.

The ex-NFL star also claims Porsha called the police twice to let her into the house ... even though she has a key to enter the property.

As for Porsha's claim of "another woman" in the house -- Kordell says it's the nanny he was forced to hire because Porsha is "neglecting her responsibilities to her stepson."

Kordell wants the court to deny Porsha's demand for temporary support ... because as he puts it ... she's a celebrity who makes plenty of her own cash.

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No Avatar


I thought he said no to any Nannies on the show...why should Porsha watch his child from another woman?? Yeah, I would probably go out & drink all night if I was married to this douch.bag...

532 days ago


Kordell, Porsha has no responsibilities when it comes to that child, thats your child not hers. Be a man and be responsible for your own child and stop trying to control your soon to be ex-wife.

532 days ago


I guess TMZ commentators are kids and/or dumb. If you marry someone who has a child or children you're a step parent. If you don't want the role then stop dating that person and don't marry them. They live a glamerous lifestyle and she doesn't work, so obviously he's the breadwinner, so maybe, just maybe he needs someone to watch his child while he's working.

532 days ago


He has forgotten HE filed for divorce. So she does not have to look after his son, since he chooses not to have her as his wife. It has nothing to do with being a gold digger...you all need to stop calling people gold diggers if they do not have the same income as their spouse. A gold digger refuses to work, she begged this foolish man to allow her to work. Stop jumping on the first article you read because no man or woman wants to come home where they aren't wanted. She's probably staying with friends or family to get a break from the situation. You can only imagine how uncomfortable he is probably making her since he wants her out.

532 days ago


Kordell seems like he's wound pretty tight it probably wouldn't be a bad thing if he went out and had a few.

532 days ago


Yeah, Cordell filed for divorce, and he still expects Porsha to stay home to take care of his son from another marriage. It took me a while to stop laughing on that one. Cordell needs to step out of the cave and take care of his own son! Porsha should run and never look back.

532 days ago


Porsha, u have your entire life ahead of you, keep ur head up.

In the future, NEVER let a man put his priority before you, talk down to you and treat u like a child.

532 days ago


I bet Kordell has been the same miserable person when he dated Porsha. She just wanted to show her friends she could marry up. Ok so what? Marrying money and status usually doesn't make a happy life.

532 days ago

Ozzie X    

It seems that is something that can be worked through. He was just looking for a reason to drop her.

532 days ago


Why was it she couldn't have a nanny but he can. Is he not man enough to take care of his own child without help like so many other fathers do. My husband always encourages me to get out with my friends and wrangled all three of our children while loving every minute of it. That's a real man honey!!

532 days ago


To everyone who keeps whining about how she's a step parent and has a responsibility to the kid blah, blah, bjah.......what in the HELL does Kordell do for a job????!!?! Nothing. So why can't he take care of his own kid?? Seeing what a tool he is, he probably thinks that's "women's work".

532 days ago


Dude should have realized that when he filed for divorce behind woman's back that he cancelled out her having any responsibility for his son. It's sad...but reality. Once the divorce is finalized, woman won't have any custodial rights to the child so why should she be the one having to care for him. Maybe dude shoulda thought harder about this...

532 days ago


Hey kordell u r pathetic

532 days ago


So Miss Kordell is trying to paint a picture of Porsha as a partying, alcoholic? That doesn't seem like Porsha at all. In fact, he often pushed alcohol on here on the show when she was content with pepsi. And I'm pretty sure Porsha is out making appearances for work at various clubs. This man is so pathetic to be making stuff up.

That's not her child. Why should she keep caring for Kordell's son when Kordell wantsto pay her nothing, claims he has no obligations because htey didn't have kids together, and is trying to make the divorce malicious? He can't have it both ways. Either you want her to take care of your son and pay her for the sacrifice or STFU.

532 days ago


Tmz picks the ugliest pics .. Everytime I see Porsha on this site, I start believing the gay rumors about Kordell because Porsha be looking like a tranny.

532 days ago
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