Playboy Bunny House If These Walls Could Talk ... They'd Ask for $11 Million

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0409_playboy_bunny_house_sale_launchDo you imagine yourself immersed in a world of half-naked chicks ... all-night ragers ... and bunny costumes? Well if you've got $11 million to blow ... listen up ... the Playboy Bunny house is up for grabs.

The 6,690-square-foot crib (located across the street from the famous Playboy mansion) hit the market this week ... leading scores of men everywhere to seriously consider moving.

The Holmby Hills digs is known for temporarily housing some of Playboy's hottest models ... including Jayde Nicole and former "Amazing Race" contestant Jaime Edmondson.

As for the house ... 5 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, 1.3 acres of land, oasis waterfall, pool and spa.

Good luck.