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Rape Survivors

Want Reebok to Deliver

Rick Ross' Head

4/9/2013 10:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Reebok supports date rape by supporting Rick Ross ... that's the way a leading women's group and scores of rape survivors see it.

UltraViolet -- a women's rights group 400,000 strong -- is incensed the company​ is not dumping Ross in the wake of his new song, which fantasizes about date rape.

The song -- "U.O.E.N.O."  -- has a line, "Put Molly all in the champagne.  She ain't even know it.  I took her home and I enjoy that.  She ain't even know it."

Molly is slang for Ecstasy.

The group -- along with 150 rape survivors -- grouses, "Every single day that Reebok continues rewarding Rick Ross with a lucrative endorsement deal, Reebok is condoning rape."

We reached out to Reebok today, but we got crickets.

As for Ross ... he issued a lukewarm apology, saying the lyrics were misunderstood and he never used the word rape.

Sometimes you don't have to use the word, when the thought is clear.



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Aside from everything, the shoe has a classic look, clean lines. A beautiful sneaker. Hope it's not too expensive.

499 days ago


Yes, it's not the word but the meaning behind it. Kind of like when TMZ uses the term "grouses" to describe how RAPE survivors express their views. Nothing like minimizing and reducing what they have to say like using a verb synonymous with whining and bellyaching.

499 days ago

499 days ago


I am a 29 year old girl and I seriously think this is sooo dumb, it's a verse in a fkn rap song.........some people reallly need to get a fkn life, seriously. I love being a woman but when I see s*it like this it makes me soooooo embarrassed!! Girls are such drama queens............GET A LIFE for faak sakes!

499 days ago


This is outrageous! Those lyrics are totally being misconstrued. What those lyrics mean is that since his date was so high she wasn't capable of realizing that she had sex with a superstar because of her induced state, therefore he had to remind her by explaining to her the next day or in a song. PLEASE ppl respect other ppls music because it is their art and should be taken seriously. If you dont understand something then ask someone who does but NEVER assume otherwise.

499 days ago


Pretty sure the head honcos at Reebok have never even read one line from any of Ross's rap songs. With that being said, the lyrics are absolutely crazy. Why anyone would feel comfortable with these types of lyrics is beyond me. And for those of you, espeacially the women posters on this site, who feel that these lyrics and songs are meaningless, you are all sorely misguided. This is simply a form of evil and pitiful free speech. As for Reebok, get out while you're ahead. The damage can be fixed.

499 days ago


All Im saying is that lyric is totally misconstrued and only ppl who are part of the subculture of hiphop can understand that. I suggest outsiders respect it!

499 days ago


Oh, he doesn't use the word 'rape'? Well, that's alright then. Maybe he doesn't use that word because he thinks drugging women so they'll have sex with him is totally legitimate behavior? What a low class tool.

499 days ago


Look at the pig. Its the only way he can get a women thats why he sings about it.

499 days ago

Joel Papp    

Didn't hear none of this when Eminem was talking about rape and killing his mom. Wonder why

499 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if any of the rape victims did a drive by on his ass. On the other note, NO Reebok shall ever cross my feet.

499 days ago


She ain't even know it ???
Reebok should put his $$ in a trust fund
50% for a slimfast program 25% for a literacy program
and 25% to cut his nasty b@llz off. Another no talent
hack. I don't get it.

499 days ago


How was everybody's day so far?

499 days ago


****ing bitches shut the **** up why don't you blame eminem ****ers

499 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

I'm a rape survivor. I didn't take offense to the song anymore than I take offence to an actor in a movie that has a rape scene in it. It's the entertainment industry people. I don't think RR should have apologized. He should have said, "it's a song. It's only make believe." All of this PC crap is getting out of hand. Most of you haven't even heard the song and are losing your minds over it and boycotting Reebok and RR. Step back and look at it objectively. It's the entertainment industry. Not a handbook for how to live your life. Teach your children right from wrong and you should be fine.

499 days ago
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