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Farrah Abraham

My Sex Tape Co-Star

Has a Small ...

4/14/2013 7:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

041413_farrah_abraham_launchFarrah Abraham is so pissed that James Deen blew the lid off her sex tape scheme, she went straight for the jugular when expressing her feelings about him -- and by jugular, we mean his manhood (and by manhood, we mean penis).

The "Teen Mom" star has been in a war of words with Deen ever since he told us that Farrah's "sex tape" was really just a porn shot at her request. 

Farrah took a below-the-belt shot at Deen while talking to our photog yesterday ... which is ridiculous and gross -- ridiculous because he's a male porn star (um, hello!?!?!?) and gross because her mom was standing there the whole time.


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Right Farrah, that's why you had your people call his people for your "sex tape." Who are her people btw? Why does she even have "people?"

473 days ago


She mad cause she knows she isn't going to get anything close to what she thought she would as far as money. She still can if she cuts out the distributer and sells copies out of her car trunk!! LOL!!!!!! I still want a copy of it!

473 days ago


Lovely, chick has Grand Canyon with a ****. Good ole Linds did "The Canyons" with Deen, how about Farho name's her's "**** Canyon".

473 days ago


Her mom should seriously consider applying some makeup.

473 days ago


Of course he does compare to if she had HOOK up with a KAT like this ..****ing-cute-teenager.html



473 days ago


hey farrah....

yea that thing is sooo tiny...riiiight.

473 days ago


Eat my ass Farrah

473 days ago


Did the mom mean that Farrah supposedly didn't know it was being recorded?

473 days ago


also james deen does NOT need to 'use' this whore for fame, it seems to me the only reason anyone ever cares about this sex tape thing is because Deen is involved. She's the one who tried using HIM when she tried to get him to fake-date her. What a hypocrite!

473 days ago


Is this mom even listening to what her daughter is saying during THIS interview?

473 days ago


This girls mother is an idiot. "Did someone tell her they were making a video?" Please lady, your daughter approached them about making a video. I know a mother will stand behind their kids, no matter what. But blame a man her dughter hired to make a sex tape with, for exploiting her.... These people are complete morons just trying to stay in the spotlight!

473 days ago


Her mom was there while she filmed a porn? That is beyond f*cked up...

473 days ago


Haha wow when I thought she couldn't get any dumber and yeah James Deen is a bigger "star" then her

473 days ago

go home!    

Her mother is in such deep denial it's frightening. Farrah admits to hiring these people to make a porn, yet the mother, a few feet away, wont pay attention to the truth and instead implies that farrah was secretly taped when she and James were having sex and he is trying to exploit her. So sounds like Farrah told her mother that she went out with him, they had sex and he secretly recorded it. SAD. You could hear Farrah's voice shaking she was so nervous to be caught in her lies. Her mother needs to go online and do a ltitle research, its obvious she doesn't read the internet much. CPS should be called.

473 days ago


Debra what is wrong with you.why are you not holding Farrah responsible for her own actions instead of blaming someone else.what was he guilty of?oh yeah guilty of telling the truth about what Farrah did.what was she guilty of?according to Debra she is a victim.only if someone slipped into her bedroom and hid cameras and secretly filmed her having sex with someone.but thats not what happen.Debra your daughter made a porno tape and yes she k new what she was doing.the porn studio,camera crew,directer and porn actor should have given Farrah a clue of what was going on.and Farrah if you think going to a clinic getting a drive thru std test keeps you safe from hiv and other std you are wrong.he could have contracted hiv last week but not show positive for months.also there are other deadly diseases they dont test for such as hep c.for God's sake, Farrah and Sophia's sake hold Farrah accountable for her own stupid reckless behavior before its too late.and by the way i had a child at 17.i am now 47 and i have a respectable career as a nurse for the past 26 just because you have a child young does not mean you have to do the **** you do.and Debra James did not ruin Farrahs reputation and disgrace your whole family.Farrah did.

473 days ago
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