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Farrah Abraham

My Sex Tape Co-Star

Has a Small ...

4/14/2013 7:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

041413_farrah_abraham_launchFarrah Abraham is so pissed that James Deen blew the lid off her sex tape scheme, she went straight for the jugular when expressing her feelings about him -- and by jugular, we mean his manhood (and by manhood, we mean penis).

The "Teen Mom" star has been in a war of words with Deen ever since he told us that Farrah's "sex tape" was really just a porn shot at her request. 

Farrah took a below-the-belt shot at Deen while talking to our photog yesterday ... which is ridiculous and gross -- ridiculous because he's a male porn star (um, hello!?!?!?) and gross because her mom was standing there the whole time.


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OMG, I have never seen two more ridiculous people in my life. Not hard to see where the daughter gets her logic from. The mom is blaming James and questioning if her daughter even knew the cameras were present? The mom is blaming the media for informing her while she was at work? Uh, her daughter hired the actors and production people, maybe Farah should have told her mom. Ruin her reputation? Only reputation this girl has is of making bad choice and having no shame. Both mom and daughter are just straight up stupid., delusional and, hopefully, fading into obscurity soon. Doesn't she have a court date soon? Strange way to act when you know you're about to go before a judge on your DUI.

523 days ago

Rusty Schackelford    

Farrah Abraham is a Whhhoore and her mom holds the money!!!

523 days ago

Rusty Schackelford    

And she has a gaping Vag!!!

523 days ago

Rusty Schackelford    

That Hangs like sleeve of wizard!

523 days ago


If she thinks a porn stars dong is small, she must have a HUGE ****.

523 days ago

Rusty Schackelford    

So much so that when she had her kid it came out dancing and twirling a cane

523 days ago


Never heard of this persson?? Does anyone really care about this

523 days ago


DAMN!!!!! Her Mother is dumb as a Rock. Even LiLo Mom is smarter, and that's saying alot

523 days ago


Hmmm, I wonder if the family of the young man who fathered her daughter are watching her self destruct and perhaps obtaining representation in an effort to remove the child from these brain dead morons? I know I would be if that were my dead son's baby.

523 days ago


She has a big *****

523 days ago

Miss. Priest    

She is a piglet of epic proportions.

523 days ago


Farrah Abraham is so pissed
My co-star has a small penis
(disgruntled woman )
James Deen is so pissed
My co-star has a small brain
(screwed too many women )

523 days ago


And of course she's trying to play the victim since her scheme blew up in her face. She's the one who needs to get out of the public eye. At least we now know her stupidity is probably inherited.

523 days ago

all about the money    

Congradulations. You will always be known now as Farrah Abraham, the girl who foolishly got pregnant and had a child at 16...what many conservatives would call a hoe and see her mother as a bad parent for not teaching her child to be a proper lady, who then conspired to release a sex tape that she paid to have professionally filmed with a main stream porn actor in an attempt to use to gain fame and fortune. Reality is...her whole fame is around her loose morals, and the inability to keep her legs closed. Now the kicker for most porns the female is paid better than the male for the acts...yet she couldn't even do that right and ended up paying a company to film her and an actor to be with her. There is one term that fits her...whore. Next she will be advertising on backpage in the escort section to pay her bills because she has no value anyone else would pay for. Girl has destroied her life, her families life (her actions do not bode well for her parents), and probably her childrens lives when her faked sex tape gets viewed by them in coming years. The desperate act of a loose moraled girl that can't keep her legs closed.

523 days ago


She is so full of it. Why dont she take her butterface and quit making excuses. You want so e free money. I wouldnt pay a nickle to see your never ending vagina

523 days ago
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