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James Deen

Hey, Farrah ...

I'm at Least Medium-Sized!

4/15/2013 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0415_james_farrah_01Porn star James Deen has a HUMONGOUS sense of humor ... cracking jokes to TMZ over sex tape co-star Farrah Abraham's diss of his manhood.

An intrepid TMZ producer texted Deen to see what he thought of Abraham telling our photog she thought Deen "had a small penis."

Deen's response is the best -- "What is her problem???? It is obviously medium sized :)"

He added ... "On the list of things I care about the size of my penis is number 783."

Maybe the problem isn't that Deen has a small penis. Perhaps ...


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James Deen is one of my favorite male porn stars honestly. I love him he's very nice honestly. A Porn Producer said Farrah Abaram tried to *leak* a porno with her, the boyfriend that died and another friend. But he would not accept it because she was under age and it was disgusting and gross. So he told her to come back with something else. So She Hired James Deen. Why would you HIRE a Porn Star and make Sex Tape if you weren't going to sell it honestly? She's so full of **** she is. She just wants to be relevant so bad. And James Deen was honest he was. He was not mean he said nothing bad about her. He just was honest about what was going on. When he goes to film scenes he plays a character. Which Farrah doesn't get but that's okay she's a little slow. She just thought they'd film a sex scene, no one would find out and she could get a lot of money and it be leaked. She'd pretend get pissed. And pretend sue people. She thought she could pretend get James Deen in trouble. For Farrah and her family to get mad at James Deen for him to go public is bull****. They need to get over it, it would had gone public either way. Farrah was going to *leak* it anyway honestly. So she needs to stop being a big brat shut her face and stop making a big deal. She probably did tell James Deen to LIE! And he didn't want to LIE! Make it what is is. She made sex tape plain and simple. If she wanted someone to lie, don't hire a famous porn star idiot. I am sick of these stupid little wanna be famous people trying to make sex tapes then it goes wrong and then they back track and want to make up slander about the porn stars they hire. Their family then attacks the porn star. Look at your own daughter not the porn star. James Deen is not the bad guy here your daughter is Farrar Abraham! Cause she isn't telling the truth. And she isn't just fessing up and dealing with it. She's being a Drama Llama. Like get over yourself please. We found you out and you just need to say "I did a porn tape I was found out so I need to stop defaming James Deen cause he said nothing bad he said the TRUTH I need to Get over Myself! Deal with it!"! Get over yourself Farrah! James Deen's Penis is beautiful. Farrah you are not, you acted like a big brat on Teen Mom and now you are acting like a big brat now. Terrible. Poor James Deen getting into so much crap now he must really regret this now. I feel bad for James Deen now being suckered into this crazy family pfft. But James Deen did nothing wrong honestly. I hope Dr. Phil sets Farrah straight in all honesty. Farrah grow up please! Grow up and don't Hire anymore porn stars for fake sex tapes that you don't look at it like sex tape that you want to not release but you were going to release for sure. James Deen I will see you later for sure and you will win more awards. <3 Sadly Farrah is sucking up all this attention. Let's put Farrah to rest so she can deal with her plain normal life she is not a star. -tsk-. James Deen weee I love him! :D James Deen did not exploit Farrah she hired him. Go James Deen!!

522 days ago


she should worry about the size of her exit hole...she took it all in easily!

500 days ago


LMFAO OMFG! I watched the whole tape already and at one point he manages to not only get four of HIS OWN fingers in her whacked out ****, but he also has her putting in four of her own AT THE SAME TIME!!! He even calls her a "size queen" which is really just a nice way of saying loose *****!

499 days ago


Ummmmmm James deen is the ****ing man.. he can dominate me any time!!! IM READY.. she should feel blessed clearly his dick didnt even get hard she sucked at giving head and she ****ing talked to much.. seriously shut up.. hes trying to get hard.. NEXT!

481 days ago


Again, why the Hell can't I reply to anyone on this site?!? And why when I leave a message on this site it bounces up and down as I type! Wth?!? I only came back to this site cause I thought TMZ had fixed this! Bye! Quess Not!

438 days ago
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