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Kim K/Kris Humphries Divorce


4/18/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

4/19/2013  9:16 AM PT -- And now it's official ... Kim and Kris are officially divorced.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries could settle their never-ending divorce case as early as tomorrow ... TMZ has learned.

The fleeting lovebirds are both ordered to appear in court tomorrow for a settlement conference.  The big hang-up is that Kris has been fighting for an annulment based on alleged fraud, and Kim has steadfastly refused to go down that road.  She wants a clean, simple divorce.

Sources close to Kris say there are various factors that are softening his position, including:

-- There's an ironclad prenup, if the case goes to trial Kris will get NO money from Kim (although as we previously reported Kris has demanded $7 mil from her -- good luck with that).

-- After all the depositions and legal docs flying back and forth, no evidence has surfaced showing Kim defrauded Kris -- and that goes to the heart of his claim.

-- Kris is about to get nailed with monetary sanctions for being a no-show at the last hearing and, in the process, he's pissed off the judge who would be presiding over the divorce trial.

-- If the case goes to trial and Kris loses, he could be in the hole for as much as a million bucks in attorney's fees.  Sources tell us each side has already racked up $300k in lawyer's fees, and they'll spend another $200k if the case goes to trial.  We broke the story, if the case goes to trial and Kim wins, she'll ask the judge to make Kris pay HER lawyer's fees.

Our sources say it's by no means a done deal that the case is going to settle tomorrow, but as one source put it, "Kris is opening his eyes a little bit, and what he sees doesn't look good."


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Good!! He can't care too much about what happens if he couldn't be bothered to show up for the hearing. Don't care for either one of them, but he's a douche for dragging the divorce out so long. Have a good friend who's going through that and it's stressful beyond belief.

520 days ago


All wishful thinking and speculation on your part KMZ. Disinformation. Your information is obviously biased towards the Kardashian side. None of us are buying into it, lol

520 days ago


Once again redirecting. The sister thing did not work ... She is still grossly overweight and very hairy...

520 days ago


It will be truly anticlimactic, if the Kardashian family suffers no retribution,for all of their evil deeds.

520 days ago


Said our source: “The chances of an agreement being made and avoiding trial are slim to none unless Kim signs off on the annulment.”

“Kris has come this far in the proceedings and isn’t going to back down now,” the insider said.

520 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

HEY TMZ, how about some pictures of lil' Kimmie looking like a whale?
Oh that's right, you're not allowed to do that - I guess it's not part of the contract you've signed with this trash family.
Luckily, there are plenty of other web sites that are more than happy to show us pictures of the lil' Kimmie looking like two hundred and fifty pounds of shyte stuffed into a leather hand bag.

520 days ago


Yeah, sure. TMZ lies more than K-Trash.

520 days ago


Kris Humphries looks like a half-retarded meat head.

520 days ago


Its interesting because people warned her not to be with this guy and yet here we are .

520 days ago


TMZ you say in this post (with no new info btw) that "sources close to Kris" do you mean Kris as in KIMS MOTHER? That's what I think - you just spin it to mean the other Kris!

520 days ago


Kris. You Wussssssssssss!
Kim......! Barfffffffffffffffffffff!

520 days ago


Hell I'll donate my coffee fund money to their settlement if it gets BOTH of them the hell off my news feed.

520 days ago


This story feels like TMZ is trying to communicate with Kris Humphries. Writing this, hoping he will be scared into settling, letting him know how much it will cost him, how he pissed off the judge, etc. It all just sounds like Harvey's opinion and not one fact. I too believe that TMZ is getting something from the Kardashians to print these fictional stories. I hope Kris H fights her all the way.

520 days ago


I'll believe it when I see it, considering TMZ's big kardashian slant in everything they report.

520 days ago


OK Haters pay attention because I know the hate blinders make you lose all common sense. Kim is NOT settleing sh*t.. If there is any settlement it will be Kris. Give me my divorce or you will be paying a million dollars in attorney fees, you get nothing. That is the settlement. He gets to walk away from the legal bills, he pay his, she pay hers and it's over Divorce granted, that would be the settlement because KIM WILL NOT settle and there is nothing too settle, the Pre-nup is iron clad, so the only negotiations are will you have to pay my legal fees or not. PERIOD!!! Get it nit witts!!!

520 days ago
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