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Lindsay Lohan

Bruised Feelings

4/18/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking Capillaries

0418_lindsay_lohan_x17Something's going on with Lindsay Lohan ... because healthy 26-year-olds don't bruise like this.

The shots were taken Tuesday in Venice, CA, while she was on a pre-rehab shopping spree with lil' sis Ali.

We've seen Lindsay bruised before ... but nothing like this. She had bruises at Coachella and in Brazil but these are definitely worse.

LiLo is telling friends she bruises easily because she doesn't drink enough water ... kind of a weird statement, because the only thing we see her drink publicly is H20.


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Well, she clearly WANTS people to see them, take pictures of them and (TMZ) post them online. If she didn't she wouldn't be wearing underwear as shorts.

531 days ago


Falling on your ass and walking into furniture when you're dead drunk and high as a kite will do that to a girl.

Either that or it's the wearing of sunglasses in the house that prevent her from seeing where she's going.

But I vote that she's falling down everywhere and on everything.

Unfortunetly for us, away from a photographer.

531 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

All you mofos are going to "bruise easy" when I beat you with a baseball bat.

531 days ago


People in a really crappy state of health bruise like that.

531 days ago


Get off her ginger back! Redheads bruise more easily than others, dummies.

531 days ago


Well, this is what I was afraid of when I first saw her bruises when she was in England prostituting herself over New Year's Eve. Ever since that time I've noticed more and more bruises on her. Ever since she started hanging out with that band from England (I can't even remember the names) - her eyes have the look of one thing: HEROIN.

It was around this time that I notices her eyes were different from her usual drunken/adderall/coked up/cracked out look. The heavy eye lids, the slower talking, the absolute carelessness of the way she dresses, the total absence of any sort of morning ablutions or hygiene, the falling over, the bruises on legs, not even caring that someone sees the bruises, arms in places where veins run and harder to get to veins so as to appear that it's not the regular tracks of a user - all point to heroin.

I think she is officially a junkie now. And that would also explain why she was passed out at 10pm every night at Coachella. Heroin users don't go out. Plus her BFF Vikram was caught with heroin at the airport - I'm sure he was supplying her with stuff and now that he's been nabbed she's getting it from a different dealer - and it's probably bad sh!t because she can't afford the good sh!t.

Lindsay Lohan is a junkie. Pure and simple, she's a lying, thieving, face-punching, assholic, criminal, JUNKIE. What's scaring me is that she's out and about driving. She is going to kill someone or a whole family one day - mark my words. And just like twice before - she'll blame "the black guy", or simply say "They can't do anything - I'm a celebrity!" like she did when she carjacked those three guys. She is the biggest celebrity Loser - she's lost everything, her career, her talent, her looks, her reputation, her fans, her friends, no house, no car, made and lost $25 million, lost every shred of dignity and integrity she had left. And now - just a homeless, criminal, JUNKIE. She really could have done good with her life - and maybe even helped other people because of her fame - but she's a heartless b!tch who doesn't give a sh!t about anything or anyone except for herself. Shame on her f*cked up a$$!

531 days ago


Alcoholism causes all sorts of bleeding problems and platelet guess is she's drinking a LOT

531 days ago


WOW , . . . she "REALLY" looks like a used up street hooker now . . .

531 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Any number of things can cause bruising, vitamin deficiency, alcoholism, blood disorders including cancer, taking blood thinners or aspirin. It is a mystery.

531 days ago


Adderall causes patients to bruise more easily. Maybe an explanation.

531 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

This poor person REALLY needs help or she will end up like Amy Winehouse.....DEAD.I am not putting her down but the life she has been leaving will and from the looks of those pics. it won't be long.

531 days ago

buzz kill    

Maybe she has taken a liking to beatings.

531 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

What a skank.
"Shopping Spree" = accidentally shoplifting stuff and blaming it on others. We've seen it 20x before already.

531 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Might be from injecting Adderall. The skin reacton bruising is on her right side- where one would self inject. . She really needs to get off that stuff.

531 days ago


BobbieFisher = TRUTHTELLER!!

531 days ago
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