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Selena Gomez

Giving Justin Bieber

Norwegian Wood

4/18/2013 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Selena Gomez has landed in Norway ... and sources tell us she's on a mission ... to hook up with Justin Bieber.

Selena was spotted getting off a plane at the airport in Oslo ... just about the time JB was getting ready to hit the stage.

Beliebers -- who obviously know where Justin is at all times -- have been buzzing about a possible rendezvous ever since a Norwegian pop star tweeted about seeing Selena on the flight from L.A. to Oslo.

Sources connected with JB tell TMZ ... it's no coincidence they're in the same country at the same time.

As we previously reported ... Selena and Justin have seen each other periodically since breaking up at the end of 2012.  We're told he's been "tortured" because she's been giving him mixed signals.

So much for never ever ever getting back together.  Selena, Taylor ... same thing.



No Avatar

maybe they will share some Sizzurp together.

515 days ago

Miley is a whore    

selena never said they were never getting back together. that was taylor

515 days ago


Why is she still relevant? Her new song sucks more than Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

515 days ago


I think I was more surprised when Lindsay Lohan had her next drunken offense...

515 days ago


Like everyone else in Bieber's inner circle, she couldn't care less about him and is just using him to stay relevant. He's just too much of a gullible punk and *****-whipped to see it.

515 days ago


If this means Bieber will start putting his shirt back on then I'm all for it.

515 days ago


Obviously, neither one of these little kids is mature enough for an adult relationship. Its only a matter of time until she says the wrong thing and he goes "Chris Brown! upside her head. Then its a completely different story line. At best, these two should be having chaperoned bowling dates and that's it.

515 days ago


Don't do it Selena, he's a loser poser lesbian looking puke.

515 days ago


Who cares anyway? This is just teenage crap....

515 days ago


She is beautiful and talented, of course he's gonna love her. Let's hope he will treat her well.

515 days ago

judy jetson    

The only thing this girl is known for is dating Justin bieber and she only gets PR when she mentions him.

515 days ago


Maybe, just maybe if TMZ and others would could reporting on this little trouser snake, he might just fade off in to the past........please give it a whirl for the sake of all humanity!!

515 days ago


both of them are idots. Justin is an idiot for even bringing her into his life in the first place. It was already destined and pretty obvious that JB would go downhill he got too rich & famous too fast. Selena is an idiot because she tries to put up a basic goodie goodie image she dosen't have. She may not trash talk or act like a train wreck but anyone who pays attention to her long enough can tell she's a smart Alec. She's stupid to not get the hint that he's useless to her image and career and she needs to leave him alone. JB is even MORE stupid again cause come on you know who you are, you could have had anyone but your become attached to this girl who thinks she's the **** but practically leached off your career and relationship after her Disney programs went off air. the only ppl who like her music are pre-teens, teens, guys(young and old -.- the creepers) and little kids, as well as fellow mainstream celebs. Anyone who loves real quality music like the old days won't/dosen't take her seriously. I'm sorry but seriously if I was justin I'd never take a girl back or mess around with her if she humiliated me on national tv talking about she made me cry, having her negative feelings about the relationship out in the press and making diss vids about me. After the break up her career kinda skyrocketed then flopped, now stable and good. She watched JB fall off the ladder clearly a hot mess and needing help, and she didn't do a damn thing about it just hung out with her friends. Nobody defend her with that just teenage ****, because that's not an excuse. JB if she truly loved you or anyone in general I mean just caring she'd be straight up with you and make sure u take a break and get ur **** together. Someone letting u fall, complaining about u and hooking up with u dosen't love u.

515 days ago



515 days ago


Selena's in love with the publicity each one of these so-called "booty calls" generates. More likely they're drinking Pepsi and playing Monopoly. The only species Ms. Selena seems to really put out for is the paps.

515 days ago
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