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Dead Bombing Suspect

Heavy Into

Hip Hop

4/19/2013 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The older brother who was killed and suspected in the Boston bombings was deep into hip hop, and it appears he belonged to a fan website that touted that genre of music.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev has an email associated with the website, ""

The site provides information about hip hop artists and upcoming DVD releases.

What's interesting ... hip hop lyrics are notoriously violent and often degrading to women.  Tamerlan Tsarnaev has a boxing profile in which he says he doesn't take his shirt off much because he doesn't want women to get bad ideas, adding, "I'm very religious."  This statement is significantly more conservative than the hip hop genre.


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No TMZ you will not blame this on Hip Hop! I have never heard one song talking about blowing people up. Not one! Im sure he was into other music as well. He was crazy and that is not hip hops fault...Whoever wrote this needs to have several seats....smh.

520 days ago


What does a music genre have to do with the merciless slaying and murder of innocent people? The bombers also eat food and require water; let's blame that as well. I heard they were wearing shoes when the attack was initiated--therefore, the TMZ Criminal Detective Squad should walk barefoot for the rest of their lives.

520 days ago


Oh here we go, when all else fails... blame rap.... TMZ aint ****...

520 days ago


He also liked Wendy's so let's boycott their food. Let's boycott Entourage since he like that show too. Oh and don't forget, he also was a fan of Toyotas so don't even think about buying one! TMZ is full of a bunch of dumbasses.

520 days ago


TMZ are prejudice ********s. I heard they were Russian Jews. How you like that Harvey???

520 days ago


this website is a huge joke. now hip hop creates terrorists?

520 days ago


TMZ, you're so effing dumb. SO WHAT!! Rappers rapped about bombing marathons NEVER, rapped about shooting up schools NEVER, and shooting up movie theatres NEVER. Quit trying so hard to trace this back to rap music...or black people. Because you know DAMN well that if they listened to country music, this sh*t you're posting wouldn't be posted about "suspect heavy to country music. Shut the f*ck up.

520 days ago


Are you kidding me people have died and our talking about the music this s*** liked. Your disgusting

520 days ago


Tmz sucks ass

520 days ago

Az Heat    

I'm not a fan of rap music but I will say this is stupid! Vide games and music does not make a killer they are just disturbed people that kill. Saying that some one that listens to rap music or plays video games then goes out and kills people is just a crutch! So basically those Who kill were messed up from the very beginning!

520 days ago


lol this is hilarious

520 days ago


you gotta be ****ing kidding me with this article. Not at al relevant and the writer/editor know this. Shame

520 days ago


Well dang so now black folks are the cause of these fools deciding to kill people? If you haven't noticed black people tend to only jack up things in their own communities. They don't bomb they shoot or stab. Hip hop is the telling of stories from the hood and how they see dumb people there is not one song about bombing or destroying the masses. Leave my people the heck out of this one!

520 days ago


TMZ really? I'm not a fan of hip hop or rap or the lifestyle the stars portray, but really? This is non-news in order to get some views because you'll post anything. Did the first suspect prefer Arby's over McDonalds? Maybe there's a connection to roast beef and terrorism you could investigate? Crest vs Colgate? Spongebob vs Adventure Time? These guys were radicals. Most people listen to hip hop because they like the beats and the music - they aren't listening to it for ideas.

520 days ago


What the **** does this have to do with anything? Stupid ****!! Mother ****ers are going to find some kinda of way to say off the wall stupid ****!!! **** you TMZ

520 days ago
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