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Dead Bombing Suspect

Heavy Into

Hip Hop

4/19/2013 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The older brother who was killed and suspected in the Boston bombings was deep into hip hop, and it appears he belonged to a fan website that touted that genre of music.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev has an email associated with the website, ""

The site provides information about hip hop artists and upcoming DVD releases.

What's interesting ... hip hop lyrics are notoriously violent and often degrading to women.  Tamerlan Tsarnaev has a boxing profile in which he says he doesn't take his shirt off much because he doesn't want women to get bad ideas, adding, "I'm very religious."  This statement is significantly more conservative than the hip hop genre.


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Hip Hop degrades woman and promotes violence.
Muslims degrade woman and promote violence. Get it now TMZ? Just cause the guy won't take his shirt off doesn't mean he is a saint!

560 days ago


Oh dear...shoddy, projective reporting. Very bad, TMZ.

560 days ago


really tmz wow low class hip hop has nothing to do with his actions sounds like tmz is pushing so hard to make a story that they will use anything no matter how stupid.

560 days ago


TMZ and Harvey like to stir up controversy, especially when it comes to race or anything ethnic. Hip Hop music does not kill people. If this was the case then Rock Music, Heavy Metal should be banned too. The guy liked Hip-hop music. Now Mike claims to know Hip-Hop. Mike please explain to Harvey Hip-hop is not violent.

560 days ago


In other words TMZ has nothing of any relevance to add to this story. We knew that before you wrote this article

560 days ago


TMZ you have gone too far. The media was initially trying to portray him as islamic, when you find out his identity (not the ethnicity you WANTED him to be, huh), you pull this? Yes what he did was shameful, but you don't need to try to put the blame on anyone but himself! It has nothing to do with his race or what his likes and dislikes were, he was a sick person with an agenda. I will no longer be reading anything related to TMZ from here on out. Peace out.

560 days ago


At some point in time, TMZ was more reliable than our bias local news. Delivering the world the breaking news of MJ's death. The last couple of years though, it seems as it peaked and is definitely on the way down. More focused on making money than the relaible source it once was. This is another example of how ignorant/stupid some of its writers are nowadays. First claiming Lil Wayne was basically dead, now this? LMFAO! Are you upset because Hip-Hop didn't welcome you with open arms Harvey? "Where you abused as a kid?" <- Hip Hop song line. lol!

560 days ago


Im heavy into wiping my ass after I take a dump, now if I kill someone i guess wiping your ass will be something we should ban. TMZ you are just stupid sometimes.

560 days ago


I tell you... now that we know that they are white.. I'm sorry.."European" muslim terrorists... they have to find someway to link it to black people.. TMZ is garbage for this

560 days ago


TMZ is racist!!!!!! Racist idiots for this article!

560 days ago


"more conservative than the HipHop genre"??? You don't know much about Hip Hop, do you? Hip Hop is as vast and diverse as any other culture and for you to generalize it and insinuate that it "not conservative" is irresponsible. There are various styles of rap and quite a bit of it is seriously conscious or "conservative. Who cares if the creep listened to Hip Hop that's like saying Jodi Arias killed her boyfriend after hours of listening to "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood. #GETITTOGETEHR

560 days ago

Stu Pidhaas    

what does this have to do with anything?

560 days ago


The most racist bull**** thus far

560 days ago


so hip hop is to blame. Nice police work there, TMZ. *SMH*

560 days ago


Who cares what this jerk was "into". The only thing that matters is that the piece of crap is DEAD!

560 days ago
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