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3 Doors Down Bassist


for Vehicular Homicide

4/20/2013 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Todd Harrell, bassist for the group 3 Doors Down, was arrested late Friday night and charged with vehicular homicide following a deadly crash in Nashville, TN.

According to police, Harrell was driving at a high rate of speed when his car clipped a Ford pickup truck ... which then went out of control, struck a guardrail, traveled down an embankment and overturned.

Police say the driver of the pickup was not wearing a seatbelt. He was transferred to a nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Harrell showed signs of impairment during field sobriety tests and admitted to police he had been drinking hard cider and taking prescription Lortab (a painkiller) and Xanax.

While being booked at the jail, Davidson County Sheriff's deputies say they discovered a plastic bag in Harrell's sock that contained more Xanax pills along with Oxycodone and Oxymorphone pills.

Harrell was charged with vehicular homicide and bringing controlled substances into the jail and is being held on $100,000 bond.

Harrell was arrested last year for DUI ... an incident in which he also crashed into another vehicle.


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548 days ago


This is an all around unfortunate situation. I'm sad that this man had to lose his life for Todd's irresponsibility and his addiction problems. I'm sad because now my sweet innocent niece has to hear that her dads bad decision has caused all of this. I'm sad for the families on both sides of this situation. And while Megan, I know he's your husband and you love him and don't wont to lose him. I completely understand your stand. However it is time for TODD to FINALLY accept responsibility for his actions. He has a drug problem. Last year was not his first run in with the law either. He's been having this problem for awhile now. He needs help and he needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE!!!!! RIP Mr. Shoulders and prayers to your family.

548 days ago


[Harrell was arrested last year for DUI ... an incident in which he also crashed into another vehicle.] --- He should have had his license suspended last year. WTH is wrong with these judges that don't take DUI seriously.

548 days ago

NewsJet Magazine    

Good Evening

I am at a loss for words and do not get it this the third comment on this subject this evening everyone makes good money and could have simply been driven very disappointed in all and god bless to the family and friends affected by the lack of judgement in all cases.


548 days ago


The band should change its name to 3 Cell Doors Down

548 days ago


The band should change its name to 3 Cell Doors Down

548 days ago

Obvious justice    

He needs to go to prison , no more chances . He knew what he did and he continued to do so .

548 days ago


The name of his NEW band will be "Three Cell Doors Down".

548 days ago


I never add comments to these posts, but his completely irresponsible behavior resulted in the death of an innocent. He may have taken someone's father, husband, friend, brother, son. I hope he feels AWFUL. I hope they throw the book at him, I am so sick of these IDIOT druggies ruining it for the rest of us responsible, positive members of society.

548 days ago


I first have to say that I am so sorry to the family whom lost their loved one! Then I say, I am a fan of 3 Doors Down and I do not think it is right for everyone to be bashing the band for his mistakes. I agree that he needs to do alot of jail time but will probably get off bcuz of who he is. It makes me sick that celebs get away with stupid **** like this but everyday people do life for the same ****! I keep getting told that he will be let off bcuz "the other guy was'nt wearing a seatbelt" and they will use that to save Todd's ass but to be honest would you sa the same thing if it was your family member? OH, if he/she had their seatbelt on they would still be alive! UMM NO! You would'nt..... I honestly think the rest of the band need to step back and see all of te negativity Todd is bringing to this band and do the right thing! Kick his ass out and let him sit in jail.... He does not need someone to run ad bail him out he needs to sit their and realize he just took someones life... for what? ome hard cider and a high?? Really Todd? Are'nt you supposed to be some kind of role model? My heart breaks that this man lost his life I jut hope Todd realizes that he did alot more this time than mess his own life up more...... Think about your own children and loved ones Todd.... what would you say to them for doing something like this??

547 days ago



547 days ago


Oh come on...this is guy is a celeb....he ain't going to the klink.....he'll get 6 weeks outpatient rehab MAX.....don't worry he'll be rockin out in the desert at Choachella next year with his water bottle filled with Grey Goose....sheesh

Now if he was common folk, he'd be butt slamming Scott Peterson in San Quentin for the rest of his life....just sayin'

547 days ago


This doper's been getting in trouble with law enforcement ever since 3 doors down gained a little fame in the late 90's. Assaultin someone at a house party at his home, stealing newspapers from a machine outside a convenience store and getting a gun pulled on him by a newspaper vendor and running like a scared little b*tch, had an altercation with airport security in Gulfport, MS, DUI other after running into someone parked at a stop sign in D'iberville, and now after getting slaps on the wrist all tose times from all the good ole boy down home judges and law enforcement from Mississippi he finally kills someone!!! MISSISSIPPI (ESPECIALLY THE COAST AREA) HAS THE MOST CROOKED LAW ENFORCEMENT EVER ! Hopefully Tennessee will finally put this DISGRACE to South Mississippi where he belongs ! ! !

546 days ago


and by the way Todd, in case you havent noticed.. you and the rest of the band are not Alist celebrites..not even close. First off Stop touring with country artists if you are trying to be rock or alternative. 2nd STOP WITH ALL THE SLOW LOVE SONGS AND RELEASE SOME OF THE ACTUAL GOOD SONGS ON YOUR ALBUMS ..FOR INSTANCE.. TIME OF MY LIFE.. 1ST SINGLE OUT THE GATE PERIOD SHOULDVE BEEN "SILENCE REMAINS" FOR THE LIFE OF ME IVE NEVER FIGURED OUT WHY YOU GUYS RELEASE THE SONGS YOU DO AS SINGLES??? ALL THE SLOW STUPID SH*TTY LOVE SONGS!!! GIVE US A BREAK ! ! !

546 days ago


loco_joko Looks like you are going to pass this year to the 3rd grade.

546 days ago
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