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Boston Bomber

He Took Cues from

'Breaking Bad'

4/21/2013 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Boston Bomber
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a big fan of "Breaking Bad" ... praising the show for teaching him how to dispose of corpses.

Since his capture Friday ... a lot of information is surfacing about the 19-year-old Chechan college student who helped mastermind a deadly attack on the Boston Marathon and led police on a massive manhunt.

Turns out Dzhokhar was a fan of violent TV shows ... in particular "Game of Thrones" and "Breaking Bad."

He tweeted earlier this year ... "Breaking Bad taught me how to dispose of a corpse."

As TMZ previously reported, his 26-year-old brother Tamerlan -- who was killed by cops during the manhunt -- was deep into hip hop.

Dzhokhar remains in police custody, in serious condition and unable to speak.


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Speculating much?

521 days ago


People shouldn't blame TV and music for the actions of people. Those people are just crazy/irresponsible and if you blame TV/music for what your children or you do then you should know its you not them.

521 days ago


Lololololol. So instead of blaming this on terrorist azzholes we are blaming American tv shows?! Unfvcking real!

521 days ago


This is about the dumbest story ever. Anyone who watches Breaking Bad knows this - trying to make a islamic jihadist terrorist look like Hollywood taught him how to do this is ridiculous! He is a terrorist taught and trained by terrorist how to kill in the name of their god. FBI is investigating a sleeper cell in the US connected to this evil little bastards, has nothing to do with tv shows !!! Was the 9/11 terrorist taught from airplane movies? geez tmz nice try

521 days ago


We always have to blame the media.

521 days ago

Jack Mehoff    

So the f_ck what if he was DEEPLY into hip hop!!! What does that have to do with anything? Would they would've posted that sh!t if he listened to Justin Timberlake? TMZ shows it's biased reporting as usual. I'm surprised they didn't mention he had a black friend in high school at one time.

521 days ago


I'll bet he used to watch a lot of TMZ for his entertainment when he wasn't plotting terrorist attacks.

521 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Give it a rest TMZ. You've reported enough on this legitimate news story. No need to sensationalize it further, but linking it to what you are actually good at which is entertainment news. This is not entertainment.

521 days ago


Here we go blaming everyone BUT the person who committed the crimes. Hip Hop and now Breaking Bad? Really TMZ? This site is getting to be so pathetic.

521 days ago


I don't see the point of pointing out he was possibly influenced by TV shows or his brother was deep into hip hop. This is implying that these things were triggers or instigated their crazy behavior.

Sorry but that is a poor excuse or explanation for their crazy behavior which to me comes from conditioning at an early age to do this kind of thing OR poor mental health. There really is no justification for the horror they put people through.

521 days ago


I heard his favorite cereal was Cheerios, do we blame that too?

521 days ago


Hell I listen to hip hop too... Haven't killed anyone yet. I wish TI would kick Harvey's ass, TMZ sucks donkey balls anyway

521 days ago


I've always said nobody watches that crap or has even heard of it, I stand corrected.

521 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

What is the point of this article?

Did he get the idea for bombs watching Road Runner?

521 days ago


TV shows, hip hop music, he was brainwashed, he didn't wipe front to back.... Yep. TMZ nailed all the possible motives. Everyone from the ATF, FBI, Marshall's, Boston PD, and Homeland Security can stand down. TMZ just cracked the case wide open.

521 days ago
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