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Kanye West

100,000 Reasons

He's No Absentee Dad

4/21/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0420-kim-kardashian-kanye-westKanye West is doing everything he can to support Kim Kardashian during her pregnancy -- even though he's in Paris working -- and it's costing six figures to do it ... TMZ has learned.

Kanye has been travelling abroad the past few months -- for events, performances and to record a new album -- but is still hitting up Kim's doctor's appointments. 

We're told Kanye has made at least three trips via private jet from Paris to L.A. (costing about $100k total) so that he can be in attendance for Kim on her checkups.

Our sources say Kanye even reaches out to the doctors beforehand to discuss the appointments and to make certain his schedule allows him to be there.

According to our sources, Kanye has also flown Kim out to Paris on a private jet so they could spend extra time together before Kim is set to give birth in July.


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am I sooo sorry I missed the part where that is my problem

549 days ago


Bull f***king Sh****ttttt. Those two d*mn fools LOVE so much ATTENTION that if what KM f**cking Z is reporting is true, there would've been a picture or pictures to prove it. I am getting fed up of KMZ and their f***kery. Don"t the folks at KMZ realize that they are just making people hate the Kac*ntdians and Kangay West with their bias reporting. In America they threw flour like substance at her but if she comes to my country, I would throw sh*t at her.

549 days ago


And so so....?.....It's not like am gonna lose my sleep.

549 days ago


If Kanye had flown in for the appointments we all would of known about it before the plane landed. The Trash clan would have cameras all up in his face. Look see the baby daddy is coming to see Kim. Oh look now he is walking in to the doctors office (way behind Kim). Now he looks like a pitiful dog that has been beaten into submission (ok pass on that picture, don't show that one). So Kanye has had enough and he is holed up in Paris with his little friend. What's the Trash going to do now that there is no photo opps to back their made up stories. Take the Trash out the smell is getting very ripe.

549 days ago


If you are going to lie at least make it believable. Kanye has never been seen ANYWHERE near any of Kim's appointments and the press have covered everyone. Once the baby is born they will split Kanye isn't interested in Kim or her crazy family. It's going to be one big custody dispute. What sort of idiot get's pregnant that fast when she is still married to someone else? Kim just wanted to trap Kanye I bet the child support will be a killer. It's mama Kardashians dream come true for their pahetic reality/unreality show.

549 days ago


Pffft. Don't believe a word of it. Your "sources" (Kris Jenner) will tell you anything to ensure you run a story on that awful family. Are you really that dumb? Oh sorry, I forgot..........kerching!

549 days ago


Yeah, because no one would've see him in the states if he was actually here. Did Kris write this article?? Jenner, not Humphries...

549 days ago


Madonna whore syndrome. He'll never see her as a wife.

549 days ago


Oh good gawd....we all wondered how long it would take after the divorce hearing for you to start posting stories of why Kanye and Kim are not together during her pregnancy. .....AND I call BS on the story of Kanye reaching out to the doctors beforehand to discuss visits. Kanye is NOT her husband and the doctor is bound by HIPPA and confidentiality laws and it is illegal for the doctor to discuss any of Kims pregnancy/medical infornmaition with him! So you can stop that bold faced lie right now!

549 days ago


Another story trying to make everything look good for Kum Kartrashybin...tmz is a fraud just like her

549 days ago


Another TMZ fake story paid for by the sleazy Kardashian Klan.

549 days ago


Amazingly not 1 photo by anyone showing that. Why should his schedule matter for her appointments. Oh because he's not there.

This is such a joke. Wedding or not (probably not) Humphries is laughing his ass off. West is stuck with her for at least 18 years.

549 days ago


sounds stressful...

549 days ago


it would crack me up if the baby came out asian

549 days ago


TMZ needs a joke of a Lindsay Lohan story, better than this crap. Hey maybe Lohan is already in rehab to avoid the paps knowing where she's at. She's been a little too quiet.

549 days ago
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