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Kanye West

100,000 Reasons

He's No Absentee Dad

4/21/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0420-kim-kardashian-kanye-westKanye West is doing everything he can to support Kim Kardashian during her pregnancy -- even though he's in Paris working -- and it's costing six figures to do it ... TMZ has learned.

Kanye has been travelling abroad the past few months -- for events, performances and to record a new album -- but is still hitting up Kim's doctor's appointments. 

We're told Kanye has made at least three trips via private jet from Paris to L.A. (costing about $100k total) so that he can be in attendance for Kim on her checkups.

Our sources say Kanye even reaches out to the doctors beforehand to discuss the appointments and to make certain his schedule allows him to be there.

According to our sources, Kanye has also flown Kim out to Paris on a private jet so they could spend extra time together before Kim is set to give birth in July.


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Whatever. This information sounds fed as hell. It's intriguing that it appears after the hundreds of comments regarding his lack of presence.,in the Kim threads here. Disturbing to think the kardashians are controlling this site too

553 days ago


Little(?) Gimme Kimmy has always wanted something that she could not have. If she can't get it the right way she will do it her way.
First her sister wanted a child so bad but couldn't get pregnant, and she is married. Kimmy was married, but to the wrong person. She has now gotten herself pregnant by another man while still married at the time. Almost an in your face to her sister, I can get pregnant and you can't. FOR I AM KIM KARDASHIAN!
She figured she isn't getting any younger and no good guy in his right mind would latch onto that. Sooooo she latches onto Kanye knowing he always had a thing for her. She gets him, traps him and sends him on his way after she gets what she wants from him.......... a baby all her own. Won't she be surprised when Kanye fights her for custody and child support. Hahahahahah
This time it won't be for just a year and a half battling in courts but 18 years......Hahahahahahah

553 days ago


TMZ needs a better creative staff. These sophomoric tales reek of bulls**t. Especially the calls between KW and her ob-gyn. Physicians cannot discuss a patient with ANYONE -- much less some random baby daddy. Jeez, you guys are a joke!

553 days ago


This child will probably be given the "birds and the bees" speech at 3, offered birth control at 4, and be given lingerie and bikinis at 5 for photo shoots.

553 days ago


@Cricket...exactly. Isn't that funny. Not to worry they will try and spin this anyway they can and no one will still believe it.

This is just another Kardashian Kon and now using a baby for their Kon. They stop at nothing for attention and greed. No surprise there.

553 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

LOL!!!! I can't believe Kim actually fed you a story defending Kanye's absenteeism. She doesn't need to convince us she needs to convince herself. She's the one about to be a single mother.

553 days ago


Yeah, and unicorns fart our cotton candy and rainbows....

553 days ago


Do you see the writing on the wall TMZ? You have been posting stories about people who no one knows or cares about. You have also posted the same stories over and over again but with a little twist. And the lies you pass on are so blatent. Little by little people are dropping off and drifting away to other rag sites. If you do not give the people what they want they will go elsewhere. I am really close to doing just that TMZ. I know you probably don't care if I leave or not because what is one person to you. But that is how it starts TMZ, one leaves then another and then another until you have nothing but a web sights with cobwebs and crickets..........Do you hear that TMZ? Oh that's right even the crickets won't stay, that is the sound of silence.

553 days ago


I'm convinced that the staff at TMZ never reads the comments. They are stuck too far up Kims huge a ss to realize that the tide has turned. People are sick of hearing about her and her family, especially when everyone knows that it's not true. Everytime TMZ keeps trying to make Kim look better it is making them look worse. TMZ will fade away along with Kim if they keep doing this.

553 days ago


LMAO !! Kim reads the comments and actually gave Harvey a story to defend Kanye being M.I.A. for her entire pregnancy. It gets no funnier than this. The only source that would care about this topic is little Ms. Kim herself. If this isn't proof that TMZ is in cahoots with the Kardashians, I don't know what is.

553 days ago


The sad part is, is this kid is nothing more than a comodity nothing but $$$$. Hell Kimmy is already pimping the kid out.

C'mon, if this doesn't go Kimmys way she will badmouth West just like she did Humphries. And make no mistake she will bilk West for every penny she can for child support.

I still don't believe for a minute this was a planned pregnacy. Kardashian got pregnant on purpose. What 34 year old doesn't know a thing about birth control. This was no OOPS.

If this is such true heartfelt honest relationship they could have waited.

Oh, nevermind this is nothing more than a publicity stunt. A bad one.

553 days ago


I am calling major BS on this story, this was fed to TMZ by the Kardashians themselves. If Kanye was flying over here just for doctors appts Kim would've had a fleet of paparazzi ready to take pics.

553 days ago


You people @TMZ are unreal. Kanye has NOT been in the U.S for ages. If he had been, you idiots would have posted 5, 000 useless stories and pictures. The fact is he is keeping his distance from her and her disgusting family, and to boot, no ones cares. Keep getting those hand jobs from the old Jenner b!tch and try selling thst snake oil Harvey.

553 days ago

Stoner Steve    

Kanye best be going onto Maury. I wouldn't trust Kim, that might be Bobby Brown's kid.

553 days ago


Seems like a waste of dwindling resources to me.

553 days ago
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