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3 Doors Down Bassist

Free On $100K Bond

In Fatal Crash

4/23/2013 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

3 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell is back on the streets after posting $100,000 bail this afternoon on charges including vehicular homicide while intoxicated.

Harrell was arrested late Friday night following a deadly crash in Nashville, TN ... as TMZ previously reported. Police say the 41-year-old was speeding when he clipped a pickup ... whose driver was not wearing a seatbelt and died in the hospital.

According to the police report, Harrell seemed impaired and admitted he'd been drinking and taking the prescription painkiller Lortab and Xanax. Deputies said they found more pills -- including Oxycodone and Oxymorphone -- in his sock during booking.

He was charged with vehicular homicide and bringing controlled substances into the jail ... and has a Thursday court date on the schedule.

Not scheduled is 3 Doors Down ... the '90s band -- top hit, "Kryptonite" -- has reportedly canceled its shows through May.


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WE all seen this movie celeb drinks celeb drives celeb kills other driver celeb gets slap on the wrist, celeb goes on "CELEBRITY REHAB" celeb revives his/her career *pukes in disgust*

547 days ago

Just sayin'..    

Maybe he will go by the way of Lane Garrison. I believe that he actually ended up in prison for three(?) years. It's not very likely, but we can wish...

547 days ago


OxyContin? That is some serious hard core Rush Limbaugh - I don't want to feel my body and have lost most of my hearing sh**. I don't really know who this guy is, but hopefully he will take this tragedy as a wake up call and get sober.

547 days ago


He is from Mississippi, where it is lertally okay to drink and drive aslong as you don't blow a .08. And I mean you can drive with an open container.

547 days ago


How is he out on bail? Is he a celebrity in that town or what? This is despicable.

547 days ago

Roman Moroni    

Just another druggie loser ... the floor is dirty with them all

547 days ago

seahawk fan    

You would think he would have learned from Vince Neil

546 days ago


Wow. That is very sad for the family of the person killed.

It is also sad that he had a drug demon that will now cost him immeasurably for life.

Very unfortunate all the way around.

546 days ago


What's sickening are all of your horrible comments about someone you don't even know! Todd is one of the nicest people and obviously just needs some help for a problem that probably most of us have been or are affected by in our lives whether it be a friend or even a family member. Do you truly think Todd or anyone who is even remotely associated with Todd doesn't feel absolutely horrible for the family of the victim? You people make it sound like he planned this and got in his car thinking "I want to go out tonight and kill someone!" Famous or not he is clearly another HUMAN BEING who needs help. This situation is all over the world and unless you live under a rock you KNOW it's true! The fact that he got a bond set is completely normal no matter who the person is. The only difference is that he could afford to pay it after spending most of his life working hard for the money he has. You are putting him in the same category as the people who willing go out and MURDER people with guns,etc. I hate to have to teach you all a little something but vehicular homicide (Though tragic as hell) IS NOT the same as a standard charge of MURDER!!! The charge has to state "Murder" because sadly a life was taken but is not anywhere near a typical "Murder" charge, this was an ACCIDENT not intentional!!! I can't stand how people jump to conclusions or speak of things they have no knowledge of. 99% of people get bond unless they are admitted straight up killers who committed the act willingly and have admitted so or have a LONG history of criminal acts and felonies. It has nothing to do with fame in this case, it's a "Legal right" in the United States period!!!! And you're all acting like he's been found not guilty and got a slap on the wrist, he hasn't even been to court yet!!! If you are going to post on a public forum, please at least sound somewhat knowledgeable! To speak about something so serious so ignorantly doesn't make anyone look good. The fact that no seat belt was being worn by the victim is reported in every single accident I have ever seen involving a vehicle, it was not thrown into any article to suggest the victim was anything other than an innocent person. His first punishment began days ago when he had to face the fact that he is responsible for another's life, that right there will be hell for him. There are many family members and friends affected by this on both sides so please stop acting like he's sitting there laughing about what happened or feels no remorse for it. You DON"T know him and none of us could possibly ever try to think we know how he feels. Put yourself in the shoes of EVERYONE in EVERY possible situation here, it just might make you think a little differently. Accidents are just that..."Accidents" even though some of them have life changing outcomes. If you have any kind of HUMANITY in you, you should be able to see this tragedy from every angle! I feel for the victims family so strongly and for Todd's family as well. I hope my comment will make even one person really think about this. All the hatred and false posts will not bring Paul Howard Shoulders back and will only spread hate. GOD BLESS all involved especially Paul. If you believe as I do, you may be able to find a glimmer of comfort knowing that he is in a better place than we are now and that God had a new purpose for him and it happened to be with him.

546 days ago


Save your breath. This guy could have easily afforded a driver instead of driving around loaded. Also, wasnt he arrested before for drinking and driving? So, he apparently doesnt learn his lesson and have no problems being a danger on the streets. He needs to do TIME, he is not special or above the law.

546 days ago


I love how TMZ is trying to paint the victim as the one who is at fault, even though this douche bag is a drunk driving druggie.

546 days ago


717shan, you need to spend less time posting your crap and more time helping to raise money for your little friend. For him to beat this wrap, he is going to need a stellar defense. It's no easy task getting away with killing someone.

546 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

His lawyers will turn it around on the victim--If he was wearing a seatbelt he might be alive today. Forget that might my client was drunk and is a prescription drug addict. It's the victim's fault--not my angel client.

546 days ago


Only 100k? Ridiculous! sad. Bad drunk/druggie person! I wonder if he feels guilty? Probubly not?

546 days ago


It was an ACCIDENT are you really convinced he did it on purpose? Now that is stupid. NO it doesn't make it any better or bring back the life lost here but to say "Oh he knew the possibilities of what could happen" is like saying that every single thing we do that may have serious consequences in our entire life should have never been done or should never be done. I guarantee that every single one of you has done something that you look back on and think "That was really stupid" or "I should have never done that!" We don't always have perfect judgement #1 and #2 I'm pretty sure most people think "That would never happen to me." Like I keep saying, unless you're some kind of Saint we're all guilty of making really bad decisions only some of us didn't get caught! And NO that does not mean I'm defending what he did by any means. Enough of my brain wasted here you know what they say about arguing with makes you an idiot too which I am far from. I just choose to see both sides in EVERY situation!!

546 days ago
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